Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Hike Analogy

Monday we were invited to go on a hike with some other families for Family Night. I was under the impression that this would be a leisurely little jaunt up into the mountains behind our home, because heaven knows toting four children on my own up a peak of height and rockiness was not the first on my list of exciting activities to participate in.
Thus my analogy.
This hike was an example of our journey through life.
With ups and downs, we are trying to make it to the top.
Obstacles are there, discouragements, and fatigue- but also helpful hands to guide us on our way. We are never alone.
Here comes the symbolism…
Earlier in the day I saw a doctor to address my week long ear infections.
Ear infections are like sins- they don’t just magically disappear unless you take your four medications like I was given- recognize you did something wrong, repent, right the wrong, and try not to do it again….letting the infection get worse weakens your hearing or your spirit, making it hard to listen and do what’s right.
Filled our water bottles and made treats for the masses. You never know how thirsty or hot your journey will be. Sure its fall and you’re in the mountains, but don’t underestimate the power of a drink from the well of the scriptures, or a meal after a hard fast. Life takes a lot out of us so we must be sure to give back.
Landon touches an electric fence. Fences cover the earth, some made out of wood or vinyl, some metal, and some with very high voltage. You’re better off not touching the fence if you’re not sure it will hurt you (this includes peeing). My list of electric fences include- coffee ice cream, diet pepsi, tattoos, The Hills, and ding dongs.
Landon reminds everyone that he touched said fence during the whole hike. We all get shocked now and then, and we all get hurt. That doesn’t mean you need to remind everyone of all your heartache, past and present. Don't dwell on the negative, pick yourself up, brush yourself off, learn from your mistakes, and keep going.
I am carrying Tade in a backpack and he is heavy. We will never know how good we have it until we are expected to carry a heavy load. Trials make us stronger, especially when they are walked uphill. Burdens may slow down the pace, and your face may get red and sweaty- but don’t give up.
A tarantula crosses our path. Just because you might be on the right road, doesn’t mean there won’t be distractions.
Kind neighbors offer to carry Tade and the backpack. Learn to accept help from others. That is why we are brothers and sisters, here to serve and lift one another. You don’t have to do everything on your own to prove your strength…surrender to service.
Oliver gets very tired halfway up the hike. We must be cheerleaders sometimes. Family and friends need convincing that they “can do it”, that they will “be victorious”.
I missed some of the scenery of the changing leaves on the trees. Life is beautiful. If we are too discouraged with our heads down, we will miss so much, and that beauty will pass us by.
At the top of the hike I notice that Oliver had his shoes on the wrong feet all the way up. We are not perfect beings, nor are we expected to be. Mistakes will be made, probably a lot of them. To overcome our weaknesses we should recognize when we have our shoes on the wrong feet and resolve to do better next time.
A blister formed. If you forget to wear socks life will wear you down. You may not notice it at first, but out of nowhere your foot will start to sting. Arm yourself, protect yourself, and wear your seatbelt.
We all made it up the hills …and down. This too shall pass. Just as there was a spread of delicious desserts and ice cold water waiting for us after the hike, so too will there be a great reward if we just stick with it and finish to our journeys end.
We arrive home fresh with fatigue, Tade is missing a shoe, homework needs to be done, teeth need to be brushed, and Chris calls me from Idaho saying he has kidney stones. Just as one mountain is conquered another peak may appear in the horizon.
You are stronger now, so you will make it.


Karyann said...

oh my Sara, You are truly a brilliant writer! You have to give me the scoop on Chris in Idaho for so long. We miss you all.

Andrea said...

You've just described so many reasons why I hate hiking! Good for you for pointing out the lessons to be learned. You're a trooper!

Holly said...

OK thank you for for my next talk in Sacrament I am seriously saving this for future use! I miss you! Why is your honey in IDAHO? And gallstones? Seriously such a great man should not haveto deal with so many health problems we will add him to our prayers.
PS- my Mom is leading the children's choir in saturday's second session of confrence wave to her through the TV

onesilentwinter said...

sara what a wonderful post!

Brianna! said...

That was a lot of fun but I thought it would never end. :)
Wow you are really good at writing!

Heather said...

You have a wonderful way with words. I am glad we had a chance to get to know each other better so I could come 'out of the closet' as your blog stalker.

Rachel said...

This is why you are the oldest of eight kids. You always have the best "motherly" advise.

I about died laughing and crying about Oliver's shoes.

Danielle said...

I know there's going to be a great view when I get to the top my mountain!

i am bri said...

you are contagious! i loved this post.

Emily said...

I love you. Wow what a great post. The best yet! Can't wait to see you this weekend!

Amanda L. said...

well done. those are great analogies to learn and share. I should hike more.

diet coke is my electric fence.