Monday, September 8, 2008

HOORAY's Go To...

Jon and Leslie-
For a successful weekend
literally riding their tails off at Lotoja.
You are my heroes!
We had fun with your kids and puppy:)

at the drive-in to see Wall-E
Sadie Jane Candy Cane-
Getting engaged to Jeff Sabin!
Congratulations you guys!

For a very special reunion.

flowers by artichokesandcompany




and now Rachel,

for being great with child!

Moving to Pocatello to start

college at ISU with music scholarships!

Moving to Texas to prepare
for a new life with Jason:)

Papa Bear-
Working hard away from his family

in Idaho...we miss you and love you!

photo by LaurieKae

For me-
For being home alone...

with mysterious neighborhood creatures,

malfunctioning computers,

a lonely bed,

cub scout deadlines,

first days of school,

3 hours of church,


and even though the list goes on,

I know

I'm really not alone.


Amanda said...

Love this post!
Heard about Sadie and Rachel, but when is Eliza moving to Texas!?! And has she sent another date? 'Cause last thing I heard was "postponed".
I love your blog. I put a hold on the last movie that you mentioned and I try to look up all the songs you say you like. You're amazing!

Andrea said...

Oh, being home alone is NO FUN! I don't know how single parents do it all the time!! My hubby was out of town for 3 weeks in August, and I thought I might kill someone before it was all over. I had to give myself several time outs--1 min. per age right? That was a nice 31 minutes hiding out in my closet. (:

Karyann said...

i love your entries! is that a real picture with the baby kicking? i adore you and i am sorry you are home alone, what is chris doing up there?

onesilentwinter said...

your not lone never- okay..unless you want to be:) wow that belly wi th the foot that is beautiful!

Rachel said...

How are you doing it all by yourself? Your amazing!

LaurieKae said...

You are so sweet...and I hear you sista'! Doing it alone is no fun. "It came to pass.." and so will this..We love you!!

Charisa and Trent said...

I love you. You're amazing.

Audrey O'Brien said...

ok so is that pic of the pregers belly for real? is that someone you know? holy mollers thats so cool! i wish i had a pic like that. so just know you bring me delight through your blog on a daily basis and did dave webb tell you he knows us?