Monday, September 8, 2008

The Great Fight

We are all fighting the great fight,
and despite the circles under my eyes,
the quiver in my voice,
or the ghetto tshirt I've been wearing
for two days I am doing well.
Here's to the family that reached out today
and gave me love and support,
pitching in to help when I need it,
make me laugh, or just give encouragement.
You are my Matador's,
helping keep the bulls at bay.

painting from Emily, who snuck back to the second hand
store to get it for me and surprise me because of all
my ooohhhing and aaaahhhing over it.
Thank you Froska.
Here's to fighting the pirates that attack us everyday-
A crooked politician, school bullies,
adult acne, a scratched c.d., or a bad burrito.
I just finished reading Peter Pan with the kids-
wow there was a lot of killing.
Those are some tough kids.
When times get tough in our house
we say, "Have Schofield Courage!"
We moved on to read Moby Dick
until we came to the part about
the cannibal,
at which point I decided for a simpler book,
because I don't want my four year old to get
any ideas about people eating people.

Here's to kind neighbors who bring

sweets and hoses,

who wave hello,

and offer to have us over for

FHE with their family,

and ask me

if I'm sure I'm okay.

Here's to pretty things that make me happy.

Colors of fall and Halloween just

around the corner.

Coolness in the air, but warmth

of the sunshine on my cheeks

as I swear under my breath

in the backyard

while I'm trying to help

my scout make a blasted birdhouse

with crooked wood, bent nails and

a dying saw battery,

because he only has three days left to

complete everything in time to

get his wolf badge.

Here's to phone calls from friends

who know just what to say and

understand when my one year old is crying

in the background as he has been

for fifteen minutes straight

because I won't pick him up,

and my ten year old overhears me talking

about a possible job opportunity

and is yelling that there

is no way she's moving to Vegas because

there are naked lady posters everywhere,

and she threatens that if we do move there,

she will turn into a scary goth girl.

photo by flickr-janed42

Here's to all of us fighting the great fight of life.

Here's to comfort from answered prayers.

Here's to peace despite unanswered prayers.

Here's to being alive and a joyful journey.


Jennifer said...

Ah Sara, I love you guys. I love your posts. They are a breath of fresh air. I'm too getting really exctied for fall colors and cool air.

Danielle said...

Jackson really likes the pictures in this post!

i am bri said...

so, i have been reading your blog for sometime and always want to comment, but never do for fear that you will think i am some freak. i clicked on you through jen's blog. anyway, i also used to work for conrad, but today. . . i just loved your post. i love all of your posts. but this one gave me a lump in my throat, because i felt like i could've written it myself about my own life.