Friday, September 12, 2008

Skater Dude

While opening presents on Landon's second birthday,
we quietly had the t.v. on in the background as the
surprising terrorist attacks unfolded before our eyes.
Parents often have to put on a brave face for their children,
or down play something serious to preserve their innocence.
That day, among the emotional shock of the tragedy,
we took our small family and celebrated Landon by going
to the deserted Dinosaur Museum.
For a moment, it didn't feel quite right doing something fun
on a day that was so surreal and sad,
but just because something awful happens,
doesn't mean the world stops spinning.
Every year when his birthday arrives, there are flags waving proudly
throughout the city to celebrate the brave lives of those
who died on that day...
Sweet Landon will always have those flags waving on his birthday.
To me, he is my hero.
Right now he is the man of the house.
Right now he is our comic relief.
Right now he is growing everyday into a
bright, strong, kind hearted young man.

Landon- 5

First day of Preschool

First Day of Kindergarten

First Day of First Grade
First Day of Second Grade

First Day of Third Grade

Landon is very humble, and often forgets just how

cool he really is. Every day he surprises me with his

wit and smarts. He can get through his math homework

lickety split, and still have time to play with his brothers

and sister. He hardly ever has to be asked twice to do

something, and I hope he never stops letting his mom

kiss those sweet dimpled cheeks.

We love you Landon!

Happy Birthday Dude!

and please always wear your helmet...


Danielle said...

I love the last line of your post! That is awesome. Jackson wants to ride motorcycles, do BMX tricks on his bike and be a Ninja when he grows up!

Andrea said...

He is a total cutie! I especially love his kindergarten Jedi pose, and his current skater dude pose. So wonderful to have those moments and obsessions documented!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Landon! We were thinking about you all day. You are getting so handsome. Hope you had a good day!

miniSCHOF said...

Holy crap I can't believe he's in thrid grade already! The little squirt grows up fast! Guess I owe him a present.

Jeanne said...

I just wanted to share a little story about Landon and tell you all what a great young man he is. At his family birthday party at Aunt Leslie's, he was eating dinner out on the patio with his cousins. He looked up and saw his Nana G. (great grandmother) having a difficult time carrying her glass of water and dinner plate down the steps to the patio. He jumped up - without being asked- and quickly went to help her. It really meant a lot to her and even more to me. I am so impressed with his desire to help others. And, may I add how impressed I am with the things his parents have taught him. Wow - I am teary eyed and so very touched just thinking about it. I love you Landon and am so very proud of you !

Cassie said...

Oh my heck!! He is so amazing and big!! I love that kid!