Thursday, September 25, 2008

Raise the Roof MiniSchof!

Happy Birthday to our brother and uncle Jason dear,
We’ll celebrate in style with a water and no beer.
A talented artist and photographer true,
He is humble as pie and doesn’t hog the loo.
We love when he visits, especially his bro,
They play nerdy xbox games and eat funyuns you know.
Handsome as a hunky dude and smile bigger than the moon,
I just know he has a fan club affectionately known as “Faint & Swoon”.
He says funny things, a right jolley ol’ chap,
A stand up comedian that makes you slap your lap.
His clever mind is always brewing deep thoughts like Jack Handy,
I hear he even stays clear of strangers danger offering candy.
They know him very well at the theater showing movies,
A connoisseur of fine sound systems, popcorn, and all things groovy.
Often seen with books, this boy knows how to read,
even a comic would suffice as he finishes in record speed.
He also likes his music, varied taste does he have,
One moment he’ll be hearing indie, then electronic or some jazz.
A puppy companion steals his heart and tugs at his strings,
The lady folk will melt when they hear how he sings.
The little kids adore him and jump when he’s around,
Always a listening ear to humor their stories kindly found.
We love our Jason dearly, and hope he knows how much,
A real cool cat with oodles of talent, dependable, loyal, and such.
Happy Birthday JASON!!
Remember who you are and don’t party too hard:)
We love you!

p.s. sorry about the out of date picture, you need a photo shoot stat!


miniSCHOF said...

I just want you all to know that reading this blog was the best part of my day yesterday I printed it out and put it up on my white board. Sure I was given presents and cake, and ice cream, and more cake. But reading that made me smile more than getting cake. I love you guys so much! You rock the sure shot!