Friday, September 26, 2008

5SF Edition 20

Homemade Caramel Apples
granny smith apples, caramel,
white chocolate, cinnamon sugar
-recipe compliments of Leslies:)

Lavendar Soap
compliments of Nadia:)


An Ear Ache


Art by Paul Cezanne

Al Jarreau
Breakin' Away
Hello 80's childhood nostalgia
When I was little my mom
would do aerobics to this music....
work it girl!
No one can "scat" like Al!


wilkinson_fam said...

Please post the recipe! It sounds fabulous!

I was with Heather Jenson Hodge the other day and we were talking about a get together. What about it?

"Mandy Kjar" Wilkinson

Sara said...

Mandy! How are you girl!? I'm so excited to find out who wilkinson fam is because there was no link, and I didn't know your married name:) I would love to get together! Things are tricky lately because Chris has been working in Idaho during the week and I just see him on the weekends... we'll have to figure something out. I would love to catch up and see what you've been doing all these years, I'd also love to see Heather...let's make it happen!

Danielle said...

Yum, why aren't we neighbors right now, so I could come eat a caramel apple?

wilkinson_fam said...

Send me your email and I'll send you an invite to our private blog. - Would love to see you, girl! (and get your caramel apple recipe . . . seriously)

Love your guts,

Jairus Noble said...

Thank you for the inspiration! I'm so making those apples on Tuesday! Hello Fall!! Game.

Sara said...

Mandy- I emailed you but in case I got it wrong, here's mine-

Danielle said...

I am making cookies with your choc chip recipe right now!

Mary Denton Taylor said...

Oh, I totally LOVE AL Jarreau!!!!!!!! I hadn't thought about his music in a loooooong time so thank you for reminding me!!!

Also, I love your comments about contentment in your earlier post. Too true that! You always inspire me, Sara.

onesilentwinter said...

OH!doesn't it smell delicous! oh ear ache yikes!