Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nana Dear,


Yesterday was Nana’s birthday.
On Sunday Jon and Leslie hosted a wonderful birthday dinner.
Les made one of her signature cakes from scratch,
and Jon made an amazing pork roast…
also included was yummy bread, tender potatoes, homemade applesauce,
plump strawberries, fresh green salad, and garden zucchini.
(I must remember to start taking pictures of our gorgeous dinners)

There are so many reasons we love Nana…
Her big heart, her unselfishness, her sense of humor,
her candid attitude, her enchiladas, tuna salad, and magic squares,
her talent for attending to everyones needs and knowing just what to say.
I have a small handful of ladies that have changed who I am
as a woman. I admire and look up to them for their
strength and perseverance.
Jeanne is included in this amazing group of women.
Her sacrifices for her family that she’s made throughout her life
and her thoughtfulness to detail and inclusion have made me
want to be a more giving and loving person.
If you were to visit Nana’s house she would drop everything to
make you feel comfortable- she would make you something to eat,
offer you a comfy seat, tell you a story, and when it is time to leave,
she would wave from the driveway to be
sure that your visit was homey from start to finish.
Nana makes opportunities to create memories with her grandchildren
through crafts, activities, or teaching them to cook and sew.
I hope I have half the energy she does to keep up with all the little
spirits when I’m a “nana” someday.
There will surely be a special place in heaven for a woman as great as her.
I hope that place is filled with scrapbook supplies, comfortable shoes,
yummy treats, and people to attend to her like a queen,
she definitely has earned it!
Nana we love you so much!
You are the QUEEN of our HEARTS!


i am bri said...

i love the way you express how you feel, especially about those who are close to you. i wish everyday that i had family nearby!