Wednesday, November 10, 2010

tade, tade, tade...

people know, that tade gets both my adoration,
and my extreme frustration (smiley face).
the blog neglect is mostly because we are so busy...
but the other piece of the distracting puzzle is
this very naughty boy...
and i mean that in the most enduring way (smiley face).
lets add to his criminal record shall we...
smeared nailpolish in addy's bedroom (3x now)
dropped a log in ollies bedroom (3x yes again)
dumped out a bowl of cheerios (lost count)
dumped out a mammoth box of goldfish crackers (2x)
hieroglyphic'ed the wall (my word creation)
dismantled the perfect piles of laundry (will i learn?)
wet a couple pairs of batman undies
and guess what his favorite phrase is right now?
"freakin' idiot."
yeah you read that right.
"caillou is a freakin' idiot"
"that chair is a freakin' idiot"
"corndogs are freakin' idiots"
i promise it's not in my vocab...
we are a household where
not even the word "hate" or "fart" is allowed...
thank you so very much napoleon dynamite.
he is obsessed.
i know what you're thinking...
"lady! watch your three year old!"
i promise you these things magically happen in seconds
all it takes is a romantic glance out the window
to daydream upon the dew on the fields
and before you know it
your couch is on fire
and your dog is painted green.
some kids just have certain points in their lives
when they need extra special care...
i remember the first year of his life
he was a perfect angel baby
we even took him traveling with us to europe...
then at his second birthday his head started spinning 'round
and the rest is history.
but he is precious and wonderful and tugs at our hearts
his cuddles are the best
he is talented at drawing and singing
and with people other than his mother
he is quite behaved.
so maybe the problem lies in me?
huh, i'll have to ponder on that one.
in september tade turned three
and it has been the most exciting three years of our lives!
the leprechaun is tricky,
but oh so golden!


Jill said...

This literally made me cry. Twofold:
1-You are the sweetest mom and have such a way with words.
2-Tade is my Presley. They are two peas in a pod. I am so thankful I am not alone.

He is adorable.

Jennifer said...

Well said!!! Love you to pieces!!!

Andrea said...

Tade sounds like he may have an identical twin living at my house! Loved your post--I can sooo relate!

Eliza said...

Oh my Tade, there truly is no one like you. Please ship him here, we'll take him.

Nancy said...

So glad you are back blogging. I have my own girl version of Tade. The girl knows how to work those dimples.

Claire said...

Is it bad that I find solace in your misery? And by misery, I mean the exciting mothering challenges that come with exuberant and creative offspring?

I'm longing for the day that Esther's head stops spinning, that she stops handing me calculators with 666 typed in to them (true) and stops filling my heart with dread and fear every time she screeches with a sound that would rattle the very gates of hell...

I'm holding on to something an old woman in church told me... (I think she's a witch. She uses vinegar for everything..) She said
"A bad toddler = perfect teenager".

She'd better be right, that witchy woman.

berta said...

Corn dogs are freakin' idiots! Oh honey, that is sticking for the rest of my life. I worship your children.