Friday, November 12, 2010

PARIS day un

(OCTOBER 1st-10th)
(jairus and i kept a journal and at the end of each day while i was assessing the blisters on my feet and he was eating skittles on his "yoga mat bed on the floor", we would read each of the highlights we journaled from the day and watch the videos he had recorded on his iphone while laughing and revelling in how clever we were... of course when i showed the videos to chris he barely broke a smile and didn't think we were half as funny as we did... now i'm feeling insecure in posting those videos here so i'll have to think it over... )
(on each post i will include the journaling i wrote down as explained above from our trip... which probably won't make a lot of sense... so what's new right?  if you're just dying to know what the eiffel i'm talking about, leave me a comment and i'll try and recollect that memory from my dusty mind and explain it.)
(also, some of the pictures might be out of order but capture the trip nonetheless.)

(okay really, let's get on with the show, enough of the parentheses sara, for reals.)
wally's- i smell like usher- you smell like stinky circus. le freak c'est chic. blankets. no sleep delirium. tade just peed on the floor text. bonjour! salut! how do you wake up lady gaga? you "poker" face. when will we get to the airport? take a good look at all the pick up trucks. i feel like mary poppins. flying j shaka's. do you believe in life after love. don't go chasing waterfalls. tanya works at denny's. whats more annoying- driving into the mediun, or having a stuffed up nose? hurry hurry walk a little faster. would you like someone to escort you out so you can finish drinking that? sbarro pizza. gatorade & mango tango naked. raw almonds. yogurt pretzels. jerky carnivore. stings cousin. let's take the stairs. croque monsieur. saint severin. burger et frites. tickets please- you cheated. merci. nelly furtado. don't stand so close to me. let's truck. diana. oh gosh! happy birthday. is that necessary? seine river. escusez moi. parlez vous anglais? ou es le discotheque? sil vous plait. returnay this hat-ay. vintage postcards. mac. sephora. concergerie. t-shirts. eiffel keychains. moms hat. oui. st. michel. bow tie. take me to wagg. oh, i don't feel good about that. i'm an englishman in new york. i'm an idahoan in paris. crepe nutella with bananas. shiz. so many beautiful people. creepathon 2012. blair witch project. eyeliner. men in corners. crowded streets. arm dislocation. wagg. entering the catacombs for free. 70's and 80's music. fog machine. michael jackson. tanya and lorraine. jimmy crack corn. flash dance. rock with you all night. classy, clean, and cute. sibling dances. are you ready? ya i'm ready. blisters. getting lost. drunkards dancing. #75. weird smells. fruit rollups. cherry sours. baby wipes. bon soir. butterflies. fresh breeze. olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
waiting for our shuttle
celebratory chocolates
our apartment door... love the red!
room with a view
hallway in our building

"tower of terror"... our rad 'ol elevator
can you see it?

fountain on our road... st. michel
people watching
french version of a boy band
loved her style

cool chics


courtyard for women's prison where marie antoinette stayed