Tuesday, November 9, 2010

4H part 1

us city folk gone and got ourselves some cows.
uhem, i mean steers.
starting in march, addy and landon were part of the new sweden 4h club.  late spring and all summer they each raised a black angus steer.  this meant clean water and measuring out the right amounts of feed morning and night, scratching, and halter breaking. once they had those things down, they learned how to "lead" their steer.  considering these animals were over 1200 pounds each, and this was a first time for all of us, it's a miracle that we survived it all unscathed.  there were a couple times someone forgot to lock the gate and we had to do some old fashioned wrangling to get them back in the stall, and there were a few head buts and rammings, but i would say 4H was a super success and the kids have learned hard work and responsibility from it all.
and would it be creepy if i said they tasted good too?
because seriously, the best steak i've ever had!
if you're going to eat meat,
what better quality beef than the kind raised on fresh open earth and love.
i must give credit to super dad chris because he did equally as much work as the kids. he was out there helping them every bit of the way and learning right along with them.  many hours were sacraficed so they could do this... and p.s. mom helped with the books, and we won't talk about the dozey that they were!



Sadie Sabin said...

To bad I just had a baby or else I totally would have been there!! wow that just brought back a flood of memories! 4H is so amazingly awesome and the kids did awesome as well!!

berta said...

I wake up at 12:30 am with horrific heartburn and alas, a blog bonanza! Do I hallucinate? Have I overdosed on Zantac? Will it all still be here in the morning? I am beside myself with joy and acid reflux. It is so unbelievably good to hear from you again. Love you.

Laura said...

I was feeling overwhelmed with my girls' 4H sewing projects...nothing like what you and your family did. Wow!