Saturday, November 13, 2010

PARIS day sept

morning jog in luxembourg gardens. jairus' obsession with the all too excited redneck at the ballet picture. striped socks. band of brothers running. interpretive song translating. nigerian orphans. breakfast at home. chillin' on the c-train, then kicked off, then finding a new one. cuz the candyman can. annoying eiffel tower sellers along the sidewalk. crowd anxiety at the eiffel tower. tall and beautiful. bright and sunny day. bronze color. many countries represented. highland alpine. guidos. it's called the patch- look it up. nooooo in creepy voice. eiffel tower salesman pimp. arc de triomphe. heading back with trumpeter on board. st. dauphine toy store. lunch- pizza, salad, chocolat mousse. searching for ribbon store. lighting a candle in the chapel. postcards. scarves. drinks at jade. finally hooking up to wireless. seeing a ruby helmet. home again, home again. chinese food for din- best soup a la maison. chicken kabobs and noodles. almond cake. complimentary saki shots- no thanks. kyping chopsticks. slushies and treasure on other roads. le pharmacie nail files and rose soap. le sophie giraffe. gq with sting on the cover. dolling up to go dancing. wagg part deux. get the party started at the carwash. little bo peeps sister. 70's music. oh how we love that fog machine. older people awkwardness. sober people do it better. busy nightlife. tired marykate and ashley. smoke-a-thon outside. seriously my feet? only one day left. quel dommage.
and there she is folks... the eiffel tower
 the mammoth underbelly
 this is what happens when i take my own pictures,
but can you tell i'm pretty jazzed to be here!
 we made it
 shopanga is outta control
 sister ashley hand over the camera!
 the dudes
 arc de triomphe
 pizza with the french mob
 for grandpa bob
 the entrance to our discotheque