Saturday, November 13, 2010

PARIS day cinq

are you le joking? breathe through your mouth. use your core. night terror. what to wear. saint chapelle. to die for stained glass. fleur de lis and castle designs. windy stone staircase. stunning stunning stunning. le carousel. shopping. louvre mall lunch at le cafe. biscuits with caramel and chocolat. trois fromage sandwich. caprise salad. jairus coffee, me diet coke. french painters. awe inspiring. landscapes, portraits, wars, sculptures, mothers and babies, lots of chestusess hanging out. day of stairs. spotting the tents. how do we get out there. stalking at the fence. little bo peep. louis vuitton show. marc jacobs spotting. dommage. d'accord. waiting/waiting. models. shishi people. blonde children- beautiful father- neglectful mother. fantastic clothes. much ado about nothing. marc is short and sweaty. jairus is tall and bummed. walking to the tuileries and champs elysee in the rain and feet are dying. cool tshirts. hunting for a watch. supreme monoprix. inserts and bandaids. sandwich and salad. eating in the cafe with the crazy pigeons. beggars. back to the louvre take two. the winged victory. mona lisa. italian painters. can't go on no longer. metro busting at the seams. smells. guess i won't be having children- you didn't want children anyways. cutest babies everywhere in sweaters in strollers. taking our shoes off, uneasy footing. internet cafe. 180 emails. facebook. dude playing role playing games. jairus this is not ricks college. treats. running to monoprix for creme brulee ice cream. bonne maman tartelettes. chilly. being regular and the rank mint spray. grandma marys herb chicken potato chips. you don't drink it all day just every night.
saint chapelle windows
 the entire chapel was a masterpiece
 surrounded by color
 even the floor was fantastic
 wish i had a wall like this in one of my boys rooms
 oh no it's gonna get him... love cliche pictures
 presenting little bo beep... at least that's our name for her
 more fashion week eye candy
 oh wait... who could this be at the louis vuitton show?
 i told marc to just use my extra metro ticket but he felt underdressed and we were holding up gordon and trudy so we went our separate ways...
 just call me paparazzi
 old and new
 in the tuileries
 one of my favorite statues... winged victory
 been there... done that... mona to the straight up lisa... word.


Jennifer said...

Wow! What a trip. Beautiful place!

Laura said...

SO so So amazing! Saint Chapelle was one of my favorites in Paris too. Thanks for the update, it was fun to read about your trip.