Saturday, November 13, 2010

PARIS day six

people survivin' people. day of no swearing. technique got a baby. cafe de flore on rue st. germain. quiche du jour avec salade. melted chocolat drink from heaven. brioche. jair- croque monsieur et deux cafes. people watching. i love karl. u2 magnificent. lionel ritchie all night long. dojida dojida dojida ding dong. great boots. satchels. bikes and baskets. beautiful gorgeous warm day! kings of convenience you in me. socialites. l.a. leather man. curly hair man. beautiful asian models. french do it better. papa papa papa-razzi. oh i can't even handle this. blondes. brasserie. paradise circus. men in suits. housewives of paris. small boy in lederhosen. paul smith swirly stripes. lighting store. h&m. walking down the streets to music. jairus finds his perfect coat. mac for audry. flower shoppe of my dreams. saint chapelle for a bach and vivaldi concert. disgruntled program giver outer. electric goosebumps. moved to tears. violin, viola, cello, bass, harpsichord. amazing sound. spiritual. hamburger at quicktrim. still can't connect with wifi. internet cafe facebook. homemade gouda croque madames and salad. dried out macaroons. sugar overload. bottomless skittles. only one word each.
cafe de flore- i think this is what i would eat for my last meal on earth
 quiche come to mama
 he's thinking... what did i get myself into... sara est loco-ay
 never has chocolate tasted so amazing as this here chocolate did
 could look at buildings like this all day
 lots of bikers of the peddling variety
 sweets sweets everywhere

 whoever said wicker wasn't chic
 the perfectest blue
 pullin' together we can work it out...