Friday, November 12, 2010

PARIS day deux

i'm going to fall through the earth. ragnar 2010. sara, where are we? sleep until 1pm. music in our soul the soundtrack for our vacation. it smells like pee down here. cafe le buci. chocolat chaud. salad with ham cheese & eggs. french bread. candy store. iphone videos. kardashians in paris. what's back there- the wizard of oz. sunday night mass. notre dame. army camo. eglise saint julien le pauvre. oldest church in paris. chopin & liszt concert on a steinway. herbert du plessis. birds holding hanging lanterns. do you think anyone has chips and salsa? talking on the phone with family. black military boots. i'm really into madonna's and paint by number jesus'. that was a knee slapper. you're so awkward. buildings glow. do you have paris night life? where are we- in heaven. the music is filling my whole body. friar tuck is here. mcdonalds potato wedges. more blisters. no ice. big mac. bon soir. mysterious elevator. taking off our shoes. being nearer to god. gorgeous day. sweaty humidity. barbara streisand. blind decorator.
metro sign in the style of art nouveau
outdoor candy shop of our dreams... don't mind the hornets and ciggy smoke
lots of great graf
flower shops... every bit as glorious as my fair lady

metro... our trannysportation
notre dame

saint julien le pauvre eglise where we attended a chopin and liszt piano concert