Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ragnar Relay Las Vegas

october 22, 23
once upon a time chris and sara were not runners,
but chris and sara are now.
it all began with a goal,
a committment,
and discipline.
team captain rachel lit a fire under our tushies,
and for months we either
thought about running
or did run.
the actual doing was a bit more productive.
fabulous babysitters made it possible,
family support cheered us on,
and those who originally wanted to be a part
but had present pregnancy engagements
were alongside us in spirit.
add some serious prayers for the injured and sick,
great outfits and vans,
super food and a creepy motel,
wings on my shoes and some killer tunes,
and with mind over matter,
we conquered the relay called
195 miles
2 days running straight
wind and rain
rocks and hills
sunlight and darkness
12 teammates...
van one- rachel, devin, sadie, jeff, chris, sara
van two- mom, dad, jason, eliza, emily, jessie
we are the CIRCUS PEANUTS...
i know.
the name is blowing you away right now...
but trust me, it fit us just fine.
 word to the wise... if you are about to run sixteen miles, be sure to get some good sleep at a fine establishment that perhaps does not need an ultra violet light for scanning purposes so as you feel secure laying on the sheets... don't worry, we heard our snoring neighbor all night... don't worry, there were sketchy things amiss all around us... don't worry, we had glow in the dark constellation stickers on our ceiling... don't worry, we didn't get any sleep... but oh the laughs and memories... and diseases... just kidding mom.
 jess is gearing up
 devin modeling the fine team design
 still all smiles before we begin
 early morning check-in
 the girls are channeling their inner diva's
 the circus.
 i sacrafice my self respect for a demonstration of "the caleb lunge" because heaven knows the internet does not need to see my girthy thigh... and now i have just drawn attention to my girthy thigh.
 sassy sadie starts us off
 we are having so much fun, probably because we're not running yet, and yes dad we know to take the welcome sign off the front of the van so it doesn't overheat.
 chris looks as though he's about to do a magic trick... with his legs. 
speaking of legs, i would just like to interject here how proud i am of my dear husband and his little carved out tumored and radiated leg.  it is quite a miracle that with all the years and things he has been through that he was so capable and strong enough to run like he did!
i was so proud of you babe... you go girl!
 my wings that drew just enough attention from the fact that my face was bright red and every surface of my body was shaking.
1st exchange from sadie to me
 i'm so thrilled... maybe i got passed... a "few" times
 2nd exchange from me to devin (look laurie that's you!)
 3rd exchange from devin to chris
 i don't know how he had the coordination to do a jig while running
 rachel stopping traffic
 4th exchange from chris to rachel
 5th exchange from rachel to jeff
 dad was so cute to stretch me out after my first run,
so i returned the favor
 feeling strong
 our vans done with the night run, but van 2 is about to finish up
emily had a doozey up a rocky hill where many were injured
she wasn't feeling well and did amazing!!
 tender moments brought to you by the frankster and bel
 these guys were everywhere...
i wish we could have brought one back for the kids
chris on his last run with one mile left!
 awww, we're so precious... and sweaty
 the finish line
 barely making it in time those medals felt so good
 jason and eliza
 jessie and emily
 i'm pretty sure our bodies were in shock by now
 the finishers at nights glow
 i would just like to express to the world that anything is possible.
sure i like to shake my booty to music,
and in the past long ago i did some leaps and pirhouettes,
but i never thought myself to be an athlete or runner,
and if you are determined and put in the work,
not only can YOU run,
it was hard,
i wanted to quit,
and my body told me no way,
but i prayed to baby jesus,
and now i'm catholic.
just kidding,
but i did it,
and i'm still mormon,
and yes i do believe in jesus.


Claire said...


That is all.


Jill said...

I am laughing out loud. First, I got the chills and realized that now I want to do RAGNAR. (even after dying on the treadmill at the gym this morning...)
I love your family. All of you!! Every picture I was like, aw and oh, and game!! and probably even a Hellena!

Then your last statement about baby Jesus..oh my goodness. So funny!!


Okay-the week after Thanksgiving, we HAVE to go to dinner. Husbands can suffer through and maybe make a connection.

(And no-you don't have to take the eating picture down. It's just another affirmation as to why I am the way I am...ya know. It made me laugh. And cringe.)

Jennifer said...

Hello Miss Sara! I loved running with you on Ragnar..what a treat! We got the hammocks from Mexico when we were on our honeymoon. ;)

Mary Denton Taylor said...

Sara, you are amazing!!!! I'm so proud of you and inspired by you! It has been much much too long since I have seen your face or heard of you. I'm so glad I happened upon your facebook post today. Now, I should really go exercise... well, after I finish all of my other to-do things, that is. :) Love and miss you... and I think I owe you photos... I'm a horrible person! Added to my to-do things.

Liza said...

God Bless America. I've wet my pants 3 times this week... thank you blog.

the reilly's said...

You are too funny. I have told Jill a few times that I want to run a Ragnar. She has agreed but today she read your blog and called me and said she totally wants to do it. What an accomplishment. good job!! Thanks for the laughs and great pics. I love your family. I miss them all a little too much!!

Shawna said...

Darling, I was in a VERY boaring meeting, and I thought, hmmm, I want to checkinon my dear friends... so i went to your blog, and I burst out loud laughing at the Baby Jesus comment, (now my meetingwas about cyber terrorism- not funny) but Iwas laughing hysterically...and you know what, I read your blog to my staff in the meeting- that was the BEST meeting, EVER!!! Love you oodles!