Saturday, November 13, 2010

PARIS day huit

sleep in. weird voice- throw you down the stairs. flea market day. maybe not. ghetto trippin' creepy yo. hair street. we are in another world. asking for directions. where's the money belt when i need it. police says no no no, be careful, don't do it, sist and desist, retreat. the spirit told us to get out fast. back to the odeon. cafe le conti le suckay. little does he know i'm writing him up in the new york times. rue de seine. art street. perfect yellow apple. paul for lunch- huge cheese bread pretzel roll thingy, citron tart. mini mart for cheese. walk the seine. i find antique hardware, postcards and tin. jairus finds le perfecte black leather vintage briefcase. hot day. sunnytime at luxembourg. magazines and treats and evian. army green chairs to sit in. watching people. beautiful children everywhere remind me of my kids. they would love this park. curly fries. ivania gazelle and stilettos with a gomer. sun worshipping. j rocking to a trance of music. awkward people in the middle of the walkway celebrating pda. lots of feet going on around here. perfect relaxing last day in paris. oh and got a picture of prince germaine. kevin kline decides to sit. bohm bohm bohm bohm bohm bohm. paaawwwlll. nannies for one child. you're killin' me smalls. nip slip. thank you for being a friend. waking up in the morning feeling like pdiddy. nevermore crows. where's the halloween? restaurant chinois part deux. cocalight, house seafood soup, egg rolls, assortment of dumplings, complimentary saki shots yet again- non merci. one last trip to the monoprix for maman jam, nutella, and candy for the kiddos. packing time. fur jacket and leg warmer diva boots go out with the trash to make room for everything. dream of kissing george clooney- it's time to get back to my husband!
paul bakery... the most beautiful bakery in the world next to normandy in slc
 don't you just want to dive into those tarts?
 these are my carb drugs of choice
 about to partake of a lemon tart... in the sunlight... along the seine... on my last day
 wait for it...
 that's my "holy hellena that is so good" face
 cute jairus with his pegged pants and french vintage briefcase
 oh paris, we will meet again soon
 he's sad to see us go
 delicious fuschia velvet wedding outfits
 the bride
 last day in the garden
watching one of our hilarious iphone videos in his nip slip tanktop
 petit bateau's
 we passed this homeless man everyday and named him "prince germain"


Jill said...

I have loved your Parisian journey, Sara. I love the inside jokes and running journal dialog.

Also-I just need to know. Where did "Oh my Hellena" come from? Because we say that in our family too. Wonder if it started at'll have to let me know.

Nancy said...

Oh Sara. I loved it all. Great pictures. I wish I were at artsy and chic and world travely and just plain cool as you.