Saturday, November 13, 2010

PARIS day quatre

come down and party on the barge, barge, barge. where you'll fall into the seine, seine, seine. and your family will plan a funeral, funeral, funeral. without any body, body, body. little blue pill. pitter patter. graffiti. c-train to versaille. burning off my hair. flip flops. tunnels. writing on a train. missing my kids. slow pace with no schedule. sleep in and groggy. gardens. we're not in kansas anymore. rooftops. geraniums. yann tiersen. moss & ivy. tourists. buses. pakistanians selling scarves. museum 2day pass. golden gilded donald trump. paintings. fantastically amazing wallpaper. damask patterns. ribbon border trim. black & white checkered floors. marble. bed tent. manicured hedges. lemon trees. plaster pots. ukranian refugee with scarf. that's addy asking me for money and i'm eating chips and salsa. that's me and landon eating a cafe rio salad. do you think she runs off into the forest after she has a party in the garden? do you think she swims laps? laduree macaroons. potato and cheese heaven. unruly school children on the train. large and in charge headphones. musee d'orsay. there's conan o'brien- modigliani poster. van gogh. manet. toulouse lautrec. monet. claudel. naked lady statues. gerome. seurat. renoir. closing time. chestnuts roasting on an open fire. walk to the tuileries. taking down the runways. there's the eiffel tower. elder missionaries from michigan and arizona. no temple in paris yet. where's the metro? models praticing with curled hair and heels in a patisserie. near death experience on the metro- my bracelet saved my life. symphony playing messiah. oh gosh! slippery footing in the monoprix. egg noodles, sauce, salad & bread. jairus silly. tired day. marie antoinette wants candy. je regarde. d'accord. le tan-ay. payless shoe source, look it up! k-mart, look it up! deseret industries, look it up! wet and wild, look it up! rosetta stone, look it up! mary beth. phone calls. i like the beach! evening magazines. they're not little doves.
versaille adornment
i could eat those tapestries and walls... and paintings
mother marykate and ashley

all the ceilings in versaille were off the hook!
eat your heart out deseret industries
hall of mirrors

do you think they'd notice if one went missing? naaahhh!
sleeping in style... or excess... or ridiculousness trumpishness
versaille gardens
just noticed the heads on the handles, but love this

yeah, my yard back in idaho looks like this too
wind and rain make for tricky picturing... i am going with it, jairus is coy
vain naked chubby babies
tell me that this modigliani doesn't look like conan o'brien
getting closer...