Monday, November 15, 2010

PARIS postlude

early morning rise and shine. jair leaving to biarritz to go surfing. sara going home. junk show hauling bags down the street to the taxi. airport dudes saying my french is good- the five words i know- they probably tell everyone that. overpriced airport food. down to my last euros. good hair day wasted on travel. so so anxious to get back to being a mom. long flight and drive home with my thoughts. read the book five love languages of children. au revoir paris... bonjour ma famille en idaho. so grateful to renew and recharge my soul in such a beautiful place. so grateful for my brother who let me intrude on his vacation so we could bond- he is so full of life and talent and love. so grateful to be married to a man who is amazing enough to push me out the door and recognize that i needed it. a dream fulfilled. and more to come.
(image- bahmoi)