Friday, November 12, 2010

PARIS day trois

night rain. leprosy. i need a xanax. bonjour- shut up! key in cleavage while running. joggers. students. stunning gardens. changing leaves. luxembourg palais. soldiers. topiaries. apples & pears. what are these nuts- chestnuts. playground. lady sketcher. monoprix. taboule. rolls & croissants. orangina. coca light lime. is this a dollar store? sunglasses. armani black and green shoes. louis vuitton. burberry. zara kids. paris childrens book. my first macaroon. i'm lighting a candle for my children. head candy. people dyin'. put some skittles in her hand. gentleman farmer. he can harvest my hay. chloe bag. ralph lauren peacocks. brown and green. delicious scarf. preparing for the ballet. how do you work this thing. pioneer children sang as they walked and walked. rain and umbrellas. which way do we go? take the 4 to the 7. circle the block 50 times. camembert & brie. motorcycle club. champagne and perrier. can we see your tickets? you're in our seats. no you're in the right place. dancers dying. compromising positions. hot flashes. large flower on my head. brad. rachel. you look amazing. 10 coffees. monoprix revisited. pasta with pesto. lentils, salmon, spinach, and asparagus. pain au chocolat. chocolat bars. home sweet home. sexy house music? shopanga. technique is in your fingers. tolix stools.
soul speaking shop

lots of these scooter babies... but this gold one was extra cool
obama representin' in paris... textile style
j'adore rouge
vinyl siding's eccentric cousin
really with the chandeliers?
channeling his inner brad before the ballet
channeling my inner... je ne sais pas?
paris opera ballet ceiling... gorge.
brad and rachel... or helga...
i'm "this" excited for the ballet!!