Thursday, May 29, 2008

Schools Out!

Addy said that as the clock was
ticking down the last couple minutes of school,
the girls in her class were chanting,
"summer, summer, summer, summer...."

I'm starting to go through
the countless papers the kids
have accumulated during the school year
and this picture and caption
has classic Landon humor.
That is Abraham Lincoln
operating the bulldozer
and knocking over the school...
I especially love him in the middle
with his thumbs up.


Today they get to celebrate by eating
Monkey Bars and Moose Bars
(banana and chocolate popsicles)
veg out by watching lots of
mindless disney channel.


Andrea said...

Oh my heck! I am totally cracking up at your little boy's catching a star wish. I had to show my husband. That's a keeper for sure!

Jennifer said...

Your kids are so cute Sara! Oh, lil' Landon.. I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Getting sick in the summer just isn't fun. Let me know if you need anything. By the way, what a good idea to eat and shop online. Very cute! :)

brianandjen said...

I love Landon's picture and that Addy and her friend's were chanting! You have the best blog- It really is entertaining for me! I downloades your live feed to see whose visiting... I really want to secure my sight, but my parent's can't figure out how to get into it. Love ya!