Saturday, May 31, 2008

15 minutes left of my little bro, Aaron's birthday!
I have a great picture of the two of us that I will have to post as soon as I can find it. But until then, I must share Aarons endless talents- I will highlight some of my favorite qualities about him.
Aaron has always been super artistic. When we were little, he would draw pictures during church and then pass them to me, because he knew that I would understand him and his need to create. He could totally be a graphic designer. His style of art is very precise and geometric. He has designed logos and makes awesome designs for business or personal cards. Any company would be lucky to have his talents within their grasp.
Aaron has an ear and beat for music. He is a drummer, and a killer one at that. He has played drums in lots of bands- and when you watch him at his craft, you can tell that he puts his whole heart and energy into what he's doing. He has a natural rhythm and unbeknowest to some, he also has a wonderful singing voice. Music is a hard road, and hard way to make a living- but this hobby that he has had of making music should never be left by the wayside because he makes everything sound AMAZING!
Aaron is meticulous. We're talking don't spill anything on my shirt, No crumbs on my carpet, How does my hair look detail. He is the one and only person you want to clean and organize a space if you want it done right. He had his own Detailing business for cars, and you have never seen a car look more prestine than after he was done with it. His eye for detail and care to make everything look perfectly so would blow any Super Sonic out of the water.
Aaron has a big heart. He cares about others and is tender hearted. Aaron took a lot of bullying from his two older sisters growing up, but he always forgave us and came back to play and be buddies again. We've shared some good times laughing and just sharing the things we love together.
Aaron is a salesman. He could sell an old lady a BowFlex, he could sell a baby Dentures, he could sell me Speedos. He has a talent for convincing and smooth talking, all the while looking so handsome and so darn cute doing it. I never had the confidence that I see in him as he tackles his different ventures and shares with us how passionate he is about this subject or that. His enthusiasm can be contagious, and I love it when he gets fired up about something important, because he lights a fire in your heart.
I love you Aaron. I'm thankful I have you as my brother. I'm thankful for the things I've learned from you. I hope you know that you will always be my Obijah Buddy!!


Rachel said...

Aaron I need my car detailed again so bad. Youd be so dissapointed in me at how dirty it is right now. There is beach sand all over and that has seriously got to be the hardest thing to clean up. I can't ever seem to get it all.

Danielle said...

Nice--let me know if you make and scrilla off your ads!

The Chic Chef said...

Ummmm, hello? Is anybody there? Norma is that you? Gosh it's been a while! What's up with your great blogging skills? XOXO