Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May Randomness

I really don't like reading about how
people are feeling sick on their blogs
because then I start to feel sympathy pains
I just had to share my sarcasm in how much
I love it when I feel like my head has been hit
with a blunt object and then someone has
filled it with all sorts of swampy loveliness.
We're all a bit under the weather.
Chris and I are the last to get it,
and hopefully it doesn't linger as long as it
did with the little ones.
Colds in Spring?
In my world there will be no colds,
or headaches,
or empty calories.

We made these over the weekend.
Inspired by this girl.
It might be hard to see,
but our terrariums range in themes from
quaint forest cottage,
to army dudes on a mission,
to alien man getting a tan,
to desert lizards and green monsters.
And to end all your curiousity
This is where we are going in July.
It's a family history trip of sorts.

I wish I could swing by a couple other places..
France, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Spain...
but HELLO! I'm actually going to a foreign land,
and I couldn't be more excited!!!
Someday I'll visit all of Europe,
and hopefully get my butt pinched in Italy.


Papa Bear said...

So.... If we are in Italy its OK? Or dos it have to be Sting doing the actual pinching? Because if it is, you wont be comming back!

Andrea said...

How exciting! You're going to love it!!

Karly said...
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Karly said...

I have never been to Ireland, Scotland or Holland. VERY JEALOUS! Take millions of pics so you can post them and I can envy you!

Jennifer said...

That is going to be so much fun! It's been my dream to go to Scotland and pick up some bagpipes. How long are you going to be gone? Do you want me to get your mail, water your lawn, and turn a light on and off every now and then? :)