Friday, May 16, 2008

5SF- Edition 8



Turkey Bagel Sandwich from
Nigh Time Donuts in the Mighty Tooele
trust me...they are delish!

also tasting...
Little Debbie Marshmallow Treats
in tantalizing Spirit of America colors.
These are probably my favorite Little Debbie
product....and I just downed four of them....


Fresh baked
Cinnamon Bread from a friend


My comfy red shoes
How does everyone feel about toe cleavage?


My latest edition of

KRAFT Food and Family
They have great recipes...and it's FREE!

Go Here!


Thanks to the referral from my mom,

my love for HANDEL'S MESSIAH has new meaning...

Go to itunes, or any other music source and get the song-


from CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR soundtrack

The awesome part starts at 3:10 into the song.

Hold onto your hats folks!!!!!!!


onesilentwinter said...

Toe cleavage is fine- specially in those red red shoes! I am on raw foods diet that bagle is killing me!

Jennifer said...

Heh He, toe cleavage. I've never heard it called that before. Haa your so funny Sara. I don't like it when I have toe cleavage but it's ok on others. Nice cleavages Sara. :) I love Krafts food and family magazine. They do have good stuff in there. Also if it makes you feel better I ate a whole bag of cadburry mini eggs today. And not the small bag, the big bag. I felt dirty after that. :) I'm excited to see what flowers you plant in your front yard.

SmithDish said...

Love toe cleavage, it is so much sexier than real cleavage, (especially old lady cleavage):) What The!... how can we love the same tooele sandwich when we have never even officially hung out! Want you to know I haven't forgotten about given ya the money for your awesome artsy services.

Carrie Kirk said...

Your blog is so amazing it kills me every time I look at it. How do you ever find the time? It is obviously something you really enjoy, and it is amazing. Everything you do is so perfect! You are incredible! Keep up the good work.