Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Beaming with Pride

Another school year has passed us by.
As I ponder over the past year,
I want Addison and Landon to know how proud
I am of their efforts towards educational pursuits.
Addy, I'm sorry I embaressed you when your
friends got in the car for carpool and I called them "girlfriends".
Landon, I'm sorry I wasn't more on the ball at checking
your homework- and thought it quite amusing that you decided
to turn in the paper chewed in the corner when your little brother
truly did "eat your homework"- Atta Way Son!!
Addy was recognized for getting super grades with this award-
And Landon was recognized as one out of two students
in his class that excelled in mathematics.

Two more days of school and then
all my kids will be home...
all day...
every day.
This is both exciting and unnerving
as I conjur up fun activities for the summer,
but also try and figure out how I'm going
to keep the peace
and fill the constant
need for food and entertainment.


Last year we came up with a family mission statement.

This hangs in our kitchen as a constant reminder of what we
are aiming for as a family,
and the type of home we want to have.
There isn't always peace,
or honesty for that matter...
but there is always LOVE.
Whether it comes in the form of wrestling, a tantrum,
or an apology after you've "accidentally bitten"
your brother on the shoulder.
I know with a little creativity,
lots of popsicles,
sunscreen and sprinklers,
this summer will ROCK!
I pray for patience, understanding, and long-suffering.
Don't be surprised if I sell my kids to the gypsies.


Papa Bear said...

I just want to add that these awards were only given to 2 kids in each grade. See Sara the XBOX does make you smarter! (Is "smarter" even a word?) If not then I am sure its the XBOX's fault!!!!

Andrea said...

I love the line about selling the kids to the gypsies. I think about doing something of the sort at least once a week--and that's during the school year!

brianandjen said...

Way to go, Addy and Landon! And I adore your framed family mission statement!

onesilentwinter said...

That is amazing Sara! Congrats See I said Mother of the year(dad too)!

Rachel said...

Great Job Addy and Landon. We miss you guys. If you run out of things to do you can always come to visit.

Jennifer said...

Chris you're so funny. Yes, it must be all that guitar hero. (Which by the way, we need to rematch.)
Good job Addy and Landon. That's funny that Tade ate your homework and you still turned it in Landon.
Sounds like your summer IS going to Rock! You're so creative Sara. But if you do run out of things to do we could go up the mountain one weekend and sleep out. That would be so much fun. Are you a camper Sara?

Karyann said...

Good job addy & landon. have a fun summer! we love you guys