Friday, May 23, 2008

5SF- Edition 9


GYRO from American Burger
Greatest place for fine Greek Cuisine!
Strange, but true.

Old Navy's
Ruby Red Guava Body Butter

We spent a couple hours today taking our own
passport pictures to save some moola,
which almost didn't seem worth it after we
handed over nearly 300 bones to cover the cost
of the applications for Chris, Tade, and myself.
I'm sure my neighbors were baffled as to why
we kept taking pictures in front of paper taped on
our back porch door- the thoughts they must have had.
Then we filled everything out and turned them in.
Mission Accomplished.

When I was little I use to look through my
grandmothers Norman Rockwell books and just
study all of the detail and expression in his paintings.
He was one of my first favorite artists,
and still today when I look at them I feel all nostalgic-
I have a Norman Rockwell book of my own now
that my kids love looking through.

BON IVER (Justin Vernon)
album- For Emma, Forever Ago
I've been listening to this c.d.
over and over.
It's perfect for these rainy days
we've been having lately.


Jennifer said...

That picture of Tade is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Are you guys going somewhere cool soon? Also that art is beautiful. I've been able to see some amazing stuff because of you. Thanks. You have a very good eye for those kind of things.

Emily said...

Oh I can't wait to go to Europe! Tade looks like a little Irish baby in his picture, so cute. Love ya!

Andrea said...

So passport pictures? Where are you going? Curious minds want to know!

Papa Bear said...
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Papa Bear said...

P.S. the "Moola" we saved on the pictures went straight to The American Burger Gyro with a side of Bacon Cheese Burger, Onion Rings, Fries and 2 large Diet Cokes! So worth the 4 hours of tourment!

Yes, watch out everyone! Now that I have created a Blog ID, The TRUTH will now be told!!!!

Danielle said...

You still have not revealed why you need passports! You have teased us all with hints in at least two posts!

Karly said...

C'MON!!!! Spill it!


where are you venturing off to? i need to know so i can start the whole jealousy thing?