Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I finally just finished reading this today.....I'm a little speechless....and not in a good way.

I remember being so swept up in Twilight last year and reading it in like a day dude! I didn't feel like the book was earth shatteringly deep or anything, just fun and light. My sweet friend Tylee gave me New Moon with some goodies after I had Tade and I kept trying to read it. For some reason it didn't draw me in like the first one had- maybe my life has been a bit more distracting this time around. So I finally buckled down and read it, and I have to be honest, Bella was really annoying. She was melodramatic, immature, whiney, and the perfect example of the way a teenagers idea of love is merely a manifestation of lust and desire. I know I'm going to get in trouble for voicing these opinions, but maybe I shouldn't expect so much out of a young adult book. Real love is about sacrafice, years of sludging through hard times together, really knowing oneanother just for starters. I felt like Bella was acting so ridiculous and absurd when she had her little episodes acting like life couldn't go on without her sexy cold statue vampire man. I give props to Stephenie Meyer for writing these books because they do help you escape to another world, but I expect a little more in a love story, and maybe I'd just rather read about the true account of Joe Bob getting lost in the amazon for thirty years and learning how he lived on grubs and pond water while falling in love with the local tribal lady widowed with fifteen children who nursed him back to health after he had to cut off both his legs- I'm more impressed by that story. Holy longest sentence of my life!

But I must say this.... Edward, if you can hear me, I want you to know that I can't go on living without you....I'm drawn to your white, pale-ish, cold, concrete like skin, I want to gaze into your red bloodshot eyes and feel your icey hand caress my face.....I love being in your presence knowing that at any moment you're going to sink your sharp dagger teeth into my fragile skin and embalm me like a mortician, and that you can carry me on your back and run through the forest while branches slap me in the face......get real. I'd rather cuddle with a porcupine and watch Oprah while eating a carton of ice cream.

Tell me what you think, have you read the books, do you agree or disagree? Am I being too harsh?

Monday, January 28, 2008

I love his sense of humor,
I love his candidness,
I love his ambition,
I love his adoration for his wife.
"I am satisfied that a happy marriage is not so much a matter of romance as it is an anxious concern for the comfort and well-being of one’s companion....The strength of the nations lies in the homes of the people. God is the designer of the family. He intended that the greatest of happiness, the most satisfying aspects of life, the deepest joys should come in our associations together and our concerns one for another as fathers and mothers and children."
(Gordon B. Hinckley, “What God Hath Joined Together,”
Ensign, May 1991, 71)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lando Calrissian
(otherwise known as my sweet Landon)

Halloween 2003, Jedi, all business, scrumdidlyumptious

2007, first day of school, adorable as ever, cool as a cucumber

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away there was born a boy. He was very cute and sweet but... he liked to cry, and cry, and cry, and cry some more. His doting parents spent many an hour pacing, and bouncing, and praying, to help the disgruntled baby feel peace.

2007, eighth birthday, dinner at the park, exploring, full of energy

September 2006, at the Salt Lake house, climbing every chance he can get, no fear

After 10 long and tumultuous months the boy grew out of his fussy stage and became the most delightful child you ever did know. He soon entered into the new world of exploration. He loved bugs, dirt, climbing, and poking things with sticks. His big sister just 14 months older than him became his buddy and made him into her favorite playmate. He also went on to become a totally cool big brother to two little yay-hoos.

2008, Addy & Landon, caught right after they were wrestling, usually ends in tears

Landon & Oliver, 2004, what a good sport to let his bro play drums on his head

Landon & Tade, shared their special day, Baptism & Blessing

The boy cultivated his talents; soccer and other varied ball involving athletics, running away from girls, video games, computers, and storytelling. No one in the land could tell a joke better than him- and so he became the jester and entertainment to many a party.

2006, Soccer in Salt Lake, always smiling, boy wonder

Halloween 2007, Frankenstein, doing his infamous "Jessie" dance

2006, kissy kissy, the man of many faces

The boy went on to accomplish many things in his life. He brought sunshine, smiles, laughter and friendship to countless people across the land. He always did what his mother asked without a whine or gripe (even if it did take him 15 minutes to put his shoes on). His mind was sharp with facts and calculations involving numbers, letters and such. He had no fear whether is was jumping off a tall rock into the cold water of a pond below, or tasting a foreign food.

This boy will go on to rule the galaxy with goodness and light-

May the force be with you Landon- we sure love you!!!

The End.

(prone to updates and change)
(in random order)

Get completely outta debt (2005)
Have savings for kids (2007)
Run a marathon
Buy and eat a baguette in France
Do a temple session in every temple in Utah
Have a years worth of food storage
Make 72 hour kits(2005)
Write my life history
Have my own shop/boutique
Get a Bachelors degree
Get a Masters degree
Start a book club (2004)
Read the Bible
Finish Noah cross stitch
Get fit and toned
Go on a mission with Chris
Speak French fluently
Speak Spanish fluently
Change a tire
Ride an elephant in Africa
A week of service in Africa
Write a book about houses
Ride a camel in India or Egypt
Visit historic sites of Christ’s life in Jerusalem
Visit historic sites of Joseph Smiths life (2004)
Make at least 10 recipes from each of my cookbooks
Visit Italy and study Art History
Go to a Play on Broadway (2004)
Meet Sting
Visit a castle in Scotland
Learn to play the Bagpipes
Learn to play the Guitar (1996)
Learn to play the Harmonica
See the windmills and tulips in Holland
Go to an Earth Wind and Fire Concert (2007)
Learn how to throw a pot (clay)
Climb a really high mountain
Walk the Great Wall of China
Send all my boys on missions
Send all my kids to college
See the Whirling Dervishes in Turkey
Eat Couscous in Morocco
Surf in Hawaii
Do a Triathlon
Break-dance in the Bronx
Compile a family Cookbook
Watch a calf be born
Bring supplies and love to an Orphanage
Give a hug to a stranger in South America
Learn how to rock climb
Visit the mountains where The Sound of Music was filmed
Build a playhouse

Write a story about my dysfunctional life and have a “True Hollywood Story” aired about me
Go to the Moon
Be PTA President
Be the Mayor of Oz
Find a Dinosaur bone in my backyard
Banish President Clinton, Howard Stern, and Osama Bin Laden to an island together

Monday, January 21, 2008


2008, rebel skull necklace, snow bunny hat, golden curls
precocious, spirited, fun-loving, twinkle in my eye, apple of my eye...

first day of school 2007, excited, nervous, cute

This girl is a mini me. I never understood how special the relationship of a mother and daughter were until Addy has grown and become such a helpful young lady. And now, instead of just being a cute and sassy doll to dress in pink, she has become a friend, a fellow crafter and cook, and my right hand mama. I remember feeling frustrated being the oldest of eight kids and always having to help with the babies and be "a second mom". Now my daughter has taken on that responsibility, and I'm realizing how much a mother looks to her oldest to help out in the home.

capistrano beach 2007, beach bums, walking the shoreline, playing in the water, basking in the sun

swiss days 2007, sara very pregnant/overdue, yummy food, lots of walking, fun day

I started to feel bad for her when I realized that she might not ever have the chance of having sisterhood in her life living with three brothers. I grew up with a whole household of sisters- staying up late laughing, clawing fights, tears, secrets, love, everything women bound together in a family learn to share- how unfair for her not to experience that. I can't for sure say that we're done having kids, so there still may be chance of more hormones in the house, but I've realized Addy is so blessed to belong to an extended family full of crazy aunts, sweet cousins and many grandmothers who treasure her.

dance recital for Swan Studios 2007, graceful, tall, beauty

baptism day 2006, dressed in white, feeling of newness, peace

It is a trippy feeling watching her and thinking back to when I was in fourth grade and all the things that were swirling around in my head at that age- boys, school, boys, life, boys, friends, boys, what to wear, what to say, who to be, and more boys. What an exciting and dramatic time of life. I hope she never loses her sense of humor that I hold so dear, and that she doesn't grow up to resent the fact that I have her help me so much. I'd like to think that we chose roles like that before we even came to earth. I'm sure grateful for our little "fry sauce"!! I love you Addy!!

home 2007, sporting one of her many hats, hangin' out

Saturday, January 19, 2008

What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty fine man!!

I just had to run outside and snag a picture of my boys spreading some neighborly love.
The HUNK is a pretty generous man, and after most snow storms he travels around the neighborhood and plows about 5 driveways with his four-wheeler. So I guess all my anxieties about having this toy melt away when I see him out there in the cold with one of the kids along for the ride and serving others. Now if he could figure out how to spread goodwill on his motorcycle, then things would be complete. Actually, I take that back. Seeing him in his leather jacket with his shades and helmet on, roaring down the street is enough goodwill to woo any woman- I'll have to post pictures of that yummy sight when the weather warms up.

...at the neighbors house...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

My sweet mother who instilled in me the love for reading, has posed this question:

If you were going to have someone read three life–changing, inspiring, lessons to teach books, (besides The Book of Mormon) what would they be?

What a hard question to answer, especially because I feel like I still have yet to read so many inspirational books, but fresh on my mind are the following books divided into categories-

Wake up and smell the roses you idiot!
Books to help you see through the looking glass-
The Total Money Makeover- Dave Ramsey
Spin Sisters- Myrna Blyth
The Real America- Glenn Beck

Embrace your inner diva and be a real woman!
Books embracing womanhood
A Joyful Mother of Children- Linda Eyre
Simple Abundance- Sarah Ban Breathnach
Jane Eyre- Charlotte Bronte or Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen

Walk towards the light...
Books to inspire
The Peacegiver- James L. Ferrell
The Screwtape Letters- C.S.Lewis
The Giver- Lois Lowry
If you had to, would you cut your arm off?
Books about overcoming obstacles
Alicia, My Story- Alicia Appleman Jurman
Alone- Richard E. Byrd
Left to Tell- Immaculee Ilibagiza
Why can't we just get along?
Books about....getting along
The Five Love Languages- Gary Chapman
The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands- Dr. Laura Schlessinger
How to Win Friends & Influence People- Dale Carnegie

If all else fails, refer to your...
First Aid Book
Boy Scout Handbook
Yellow Pages
Ward Directory

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

winner of the domino mag decorating contest....very fresh, soothing, feminine...a little monochramatic for my taste, but I like a lot of the elements.

love these colors

I'm also really digging the traditional table with modern chairs look. I like the mixing of styles.

oh martha, why do you taunt me with your treasures?

I ' M M E L T I N G

This is an entry from Landon's journal 2006

Dear Mom,

I love you so much I wouldnot chraid you for a nice baby. thats how much I love you. you make me smile cus of your pridynis. you macke me laf cus of your jocks. I just like you. I think thats all I haf to saiy. I have one more thing to saiy. you are the niceest mom in the hole in tier wold. and I meen it.

Love Landon

I love you my darling jedi boy!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

If you know me, then you know I'm somewhat of a "nice" "music snob". I don't like the word snob, so I added the nice to soften it up a bit. I looooooove my music, and I love discovering new music. I'm actually pretty open to all kinds except the sort that has secret messages if you play it backwards, or the kind where the lead singer loses his voice because he's been yelling too loud...or just drank battery acid. So I'll probably be posting a lot about whats playing in the Schofield house.

I encourage you to take a listen to any of the following sounds and see if it tickles your inner drum. You have to promise me that you'll listen all the way through, or at least 3/4's, sometimes it takes a while for these artists to get their point across.

a dreary wintery wonderland of rhythm and rhyme...

Cornelius- Drop
Midlake- Young Bride
Bat for Lashes- Whats a Girl To Do
Beirut- Elephant Gun
Molish- The City
Nino Moschella- Are You For Real
Psapp- Hill of our Home or Cosy in the Rocket
Jose Gonzalez- Heartbeats
Gotan Project- Santa Maria
Vincent Delerm & Keren Ann- Veruca Salt & Franck BLack
Skull Snaps- It's A New Day
Massive Attack- Teardrop
Muse- Starlight
Imogen Heap- Just For Now
Fujiya & Miyagi- Collarbone
Climber- Always Right
The Cardigans- Erase/Rewind


Labyrinth.....Neverending Story .....Goonies .....Flight of the Navigator .....Peanut Butter Solution .....Back to the Future .....Watcher in the Woods .....The Last Starfighter .....Empire of the Sun .....Girls Just Wanna Have Fun .....Return to Oz .....Newsies .....Any of the Fairytale Theater movies(especially Goldilocks & Rapunzel) .....Huggabunch.....Last Electric Knight .....The Last Unicorn .....Something Wicked This Way Comes .....16 Candles .....Adventures in Babysitting .....Splash .....Pee Wee’s Big Adventure .....Twilight Zone the Movie .....Savannah Smiles .....Willow .....Beetlejuice .....The Boy Who Could Fly.....Dark Crystal .....Karate Kid .....Indiana Jones .....E.T. .....Mac and Me .....Short Circuit .....Cloak and Dagger .....Close Encounters of the Third Kind .....Ghostbusters .....Star Wars .....Superman .....Lady in White .....Mr. Boogedy ..... Big ...... Ladyhawke ..... The Money Pit .....Roxanne .....Time Bandits ......Rocky .....Better off Dead .....The Princess Bride...
just to name a few....


Monday, January 14, 2008

Lately I’ve been pondering over why the world was created the way it is. We are inundated with stories of heartache caused by crime, hunger, child abuse, sickness, wrestles with identity and self worth, just to name a few. I put a lot of faith in God, and trust the way things are. But sometimes, when I look at the negative sides of life, I think of the ways I would do things differently were I to create my own world. Would I choose to include so many woes?

As I was struggling with this concept of good verses bad I finished reading The Giver. Wow, my quiet prayers and questions were answered with this simple book. You could seriously read it in a day. It made me realize how much more beautiful life is with pain in it- and because we have the chance to choose our destiny, life is an open ended story that is ours to write. The hardest thing to grasp is the fact that some are not given the chance to write their own story. For instance, last year I read a book called- Left to Tell. In Africa just a few years ago hundreds of mothers, fathers, and children were murdered in a similar holocaust to that of Europe’s. Killing is still going on today, and after reading the disturbing account of these events, I know I must have faith that Heavenly Father gives those slain a chance and special blessing for living a selfless life and dying at the hand of evil.

Reading this book has made me think a lot of the world I want to live in. Life really is good, and those of us with blessed lives are given this gift not to just sit in our comfortable bubbles, but to reach out and help others. I recommend reading The Giver to anyone who is struggling with their own trials or just life in general. It also makes you grateful for the Atonement and the chance we have to share our burdens with our Savior and become whole again when we make mistakes.

I told myself I wouldn’t be a bad blogger and that I’d keep things exciting- but I am quickly learning the fine balance of family, housework, and setting aside time to journal our daily going-ons. (is that a word?) I have a billion things to share so let’s start with Friday night…

I snatched up my sweet and sassy gal pal Audry, strapped in the baby, and we headed up on the treacherous icy roads to Park City to see Cassandra Barneys art show- soooo worth it! I have to report that I TOTALLY GEEKED OUT! Meeting someone you really admire in person is a humbling experience and I couldn’t contain myself. I wish I could have talked all night with her about art and her inspiration, but she had many admirers. She was also nothing short of gracious. She greeted us with a big smile and acted like we were old friends, so sweet. Her art was stunning and vivid and moving. She uses a lot of symbolism, and I just delight in the whimsy.

Charley Snow's artwork was also really great. He has this really cool drippy paint technique that adds so much texture. Far away it looks like the cows are splattered with mud and close up you see what he has done to give that affect. I never got to meet him, but it was neat to be introduced to his work.

I was carrying around my sleeping baby just hoping not to knock over a priceless piece of art- I felt like a bull in a china shop. luckily he stayed asleep and we were able to admire all the great art without incident. Bravo Cassandra- great show!!

And thanks to my friend Audry who's ear I talked off during a delicious after treat at the cheesecake factory. You're the best!

This is a big shout out to our sister CHERI! Today is her birthday and in our family it is customary to go around the table and say what we love about that person…. since I'm not with her, here are my favorite things:

SWEET- Cheri exudes sweetness. If she were a candy, she would be cherry ju ju hearts!

LOYAL- She is always so supportive of whatever you are going through. She is an amazing listener and never leaves you feeling judged. You can always depend on her to be your cheer leader and biggest fan.

TESTIMONY- I don’t know if it’s because she served a mission, or because she just has a vision of the big picture, probably a bit of both, but she really knows what life is all about. She shares her testimony in a humble way and always has great insight. I feel her love for the Savior and for all of those around her.

CHEERFUL- Seldom do you ever catch Cheri without a smile on her face. I don’t know how she stays so graceful and positive with all she has to do as a mother and wife. I know it’s not easy, but she is always the first to tell a joke and giggle along with you- she never takes life too seriously.

HOT- I remember the first time I met Cheri and how gorgeous I thought she was. Every picture becomes electric with her in it. She glows and shines and lights up a room with her charismatic personality. You are one hot mama Cheri!

Cheri I love you, and I'm so lucky that I can call you sister!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's been requested that I post more pictures of our little leprechaun, Tade. Why did I just call him a Leprechaun? Well, his fairness above all would distinguish him as my most Irish baby, (notice the lack of eyebrows and lashes) and his wave of hair is reminiscent of Conan O'Brien-

which as we all know is a giant late night leprechaun.

I love the contrast of a little chubby baby on a oversized piece of furniture....he's just hangin' out.
For those of you that don't know how we named Tade, originally I wanted to call him Milo. Everyone whined about how that name sounded like a cartoon character or dog name. So one day we were sitting at the kitchen table talking about baby names, when Chris grabbed the Scrabble bag and had everyone pick out a letter- he declared that we were going to create this babys name right there and then. We played with the pieces on the table until we found the perfect arrangement of letters and made TADE.

He is such a delightful little boy with lots of coos and bubble blowing. The slobber content has increased ten fold in the past week, and I have an idea that his more recent clingyness is due to some teeth coming in. As early as that seems, all my other kids started getting teeth at four months which is just around the corner.

It's pretty amazing that just when you think you couldn't love another child as much as you love the ones you have, along comes a sweet angel boy and your capacity to love extends further than you could have imagined. I love our chubbis wubbis "Tader Tot".