Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lando Calrissian
(otherwise known as my sweet Landon)

Halloween 2003, Jedi, all business, scrumdidlyumptious

2007, first day of school, adorable as ever, cool as a cucumber

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away there was born a boy. He was very cute and sweet but... he liked to cry, and cry, and cry, and cry some more. His doting parents spent many an hour pacing, and bouncing, and praying, to help the disgruntled baby feel peace.

2007, eighth birthday, dinner at the park, exploring, full of energy

September 2006, at the Salt Lake house, climbing every chance he can get, no fear

After 10 long and tumultuous months the boy grew out of his fussy stage and became the most delightful child you ever did know. He soon entered into the new world of exploration. He loved bugs, dirt, climbing, and poking things with sticks. His big sister just 14 months older than him became his buddy and made him into her favorite playmate. He also went on to become a totally cool big brother to two little yay-hoos.

2008, Addy & Landon, caught right after they were wrestling, usually ends in tears

Landon & Oliver, 2004, what a good sport to let his bro play drums on his head

Landon & Tade, shared their special day, Baptism & Blessing

The boy cultivated his talents; soccer and other varied ball involving athletics, running away from girls, video games, computers, and storytelling. No one in the land could tell a joke better than him- and so he became the jester and entertainment to many a party.

2006, Soccer in Salt Lake, always smiling, boy wonder

Halloween 2007, Frankenstein, doing his infamous "Jessie" dance

2006, kissy kissy, the man of many faces

The boy went on to accomplish many things in his life. He brought sunshine, smiles, laughter and friendship to countless people across the land. He always did what his mother asked without a whine or gripe (even if it did take him 15 minutes to put his shoes on). His mind was sharp with facts and calculations involving numbers, letters and such. He had no fear whether is was jumping off a tall rock into the cold water of a pond below, or tasting a foreign food.

This boy will go on to rule the galaxy with goodness and light-

May the force be with you Landon- we sure love you!!!

The End.


Rachel said...

Game on the picture of him and Tade. Is it possible for an 8 year old to be a total hottie? I guess so.