Saturday, January 26, 2008

(prone to updates and change)
(in random order)

Get completely outta debt (2005)
Have savings for kids (2007)
Run a marathon
Buy and eat a baguette in France
Do a temple session in every temple in Utah
Have a years worth of food storage
Make 72 hour kits(2005)
Write my life history
Have my own shop/boutique
Get a Bachelors degree
Get a Masters degree
Start a book club (2004)
Read the Bible
Finish Noah cross stitch
Get fit and toned
Go on a mission with Chris
Speak French fluently
Speak Spanish fluently
Change a tire
Ride an elephant in Africa
A week of service in Africa
Write a book about houses
Ride a camel in India or Egypt
Visit historic sites of Christ’s life in Jerusalem
Visit historic sites of Joseph Smiths life (2004)
Make at least 10 recipes from each of my cookbooks
Visit Italy and study Art History
Go to a Play on Broadway (2004)
Meet Sting
Visit a castle in Scotland
Learn to play the Bagpipes
Learn to play the Guitar (1996)
Learn to play the Harmonica
See the windmills and tulips in Holland
Go to an Earth Wind and Fire Concert (2007)
Learn how to throw a pot (clay)
Climb a really high mountain
Walk the Great Wall of China
Send all my boys on missions
Send all my kids to college
See the Whirling Dervishes in Turkey
Eat Couscous in Morocco
Surf in Hawaii
Do a Triathlon
Break-dance in the Bronx
Compile a family Cookbook
Watch a calf be born
Bring supplies and love to an Orphanage
Give a hug to a stranger in South America
Learn how to rock climb
Visit the mountains where The Sound of Music was filmed
Build a playhouse

Write a story about my dysfunctional life and have a “True Hollywood Story” aired about me
Go to the Moon
Be PTA President
Be the Mayor of Oz
Find a Dinosaur bone in my backyard
Banish President Clinton, Howard Stern, and Osama Bin Laden to an island together


bill, katie, and co. said...

Oh I just love you! Where have you been all these years? LOVE it!

Emily said...

I love you and I hope to do half that list with you!

Ruthie Schow said...

Helloo! It seems like it's been forever since I've seen ya at Bunco! But Holly and I were talkin' over her hair (literally) to night about blogs and I just had to do some surfing! I just love what you've done! I was reading over your life list, and I actually have a client who's bf is a rancher in Morgan. This is the time that all the momma cows have their little ones! She said out of 400 cows, 2/3 have already given birth, so you don't have long, but just say the word and I'll make a call! I don't know about the rest on your list, but I'll see what I can do!