Monday, January 14, 2008

I told myself I wouldn’t be a bad blogger and that I’d keep things exciting- but I am quickly learning the fine balance of family, housework, and setting aside time to journal our daily going-ons. (is that a word?) I have a billion things to share so let’s start with Friday night…

I snatched up my sweet and sassy gal pal Audry, strapped in the baby, and we headed up on the treacherous icy roads to Park City to see Cassandra Barneys art show- soooo worth it! I have to report that I TOTALLY GEEKED OUT! Meeting someone you really admire in person is a humbling experience and I couldn’t contain myself. I wish I could have talked all night with her about art and her inspiration, but she had many admirers. She was also nothing short of gracious. She greeted us with a big smile and acted like we were old friends, so sweet. Her art was stunning and vivid and moving. She uses a lot of symbolism, and I just delight in the whimsy.

Charley Snow's artwork was also really great. He has this really cool drippy paint technique that adds so much texture. Far away it looks like the cows are splattered with mud and close up you see what he has done to give that affect. I never got to meet him, but it was neat to be introduced to his work.

I was carrying around my sleeping baby just hoping not to knock over a priceless piece of art- I felt like a bull in a china shop. luckily he stayed asleep and we were able to admire all the great art without incident. Bravo Cassandra- great show!!

And thanks to my friend Audry who's ear I talked off during a delicious after treat at the cheesecake factory. You're the best!


Rachel said...

Did you buy that picture? I love the girl in it. I think I need one of her paintings.