Tuesday, January 13, 2009

with love, from Friska

Emily Ann, my sister, my froska, had a very momentous birthday of the big 30!
A day with EMMA on her birthday.

First, I roll up to your front door wearing my roller skates. On my shoulder is a ghetto blaster playing Milli Vanilli. We both deck out in leg warmers, keds, rainbow head bands, charm necklaces, jean jackets, girbaud’s, and banana republic tees... things we couldn't afford in our childhood:) I hand you a vintage esprit tote bag filled with the very best black licorice, a jar of dill pickles, wet n’ wild lip liner, a vhs of girls just wanna have fun, and a cassette of all our favorite songs with commentary in between, by us of course.
We would make up a few dance routines in the drive way, and then we would go thrift store shopping for some amazing scarves and rockin’ shoes. I would find a bejeweled butterfly vase, and you would find a beautifully painted carousel horse for lily.
Outside the shop, Christian Bale would be waiting to escort us to an impromptu musical in the street, followed by a really fast ride in his bat mobile.
Lunch time would be a soup, salad, and sandwich combo at an all organic café situated in an artsy part of town where we could sit on the sidewalk and watch people walk by. Obijah music would be playing so we could picture people walking to the beat. For dessert we would go to the gas station and buy penny candies.
Jessie would put on a comedy show while doing skateboarding stunts and we would laugh until we cried.
Next, a hike up into the canyon is in order. Deep in the forest we would find a secret colony of fairies having tea parties on toad stools and David Bowie would jump out of a hollow tree and serenade us into the night….Lillia would do ballet in the moonlight and melt our hearts…until Robert Cromeans jumps out of another hollow tree and announces that you are the next artistic director of Paul Mitchell.
To celebrate, we gather up our family and friends to fly to Japan for authentic cuisine while firecrackers go off in the streets and world peace is at long last absolute. Jessie would present you with your own whole foods store with a children's section full of books and cooking demonstration mommy and me classes.


Liza said...

oh my holy... please don't stop I was totally in la la land still watching girls just want to have fun and eating the black licorice....

sami hansen said...

I love reading these posts! You are amazing. I can't believe ya'll are moving to idaho, what a change. But it will be so nice to be with family so close. That is the hardest part of being all the way out here. But I get to go to sting and trudy's on tuesday, so that helps numb some of the pain. Wish you could come be my helper for the day! xoxox

Michelle said...

Oh I love Emily, tell her to start blogging again so I can have my Emily fix every now and then!

Emily said...

Are you for real? Oh can that please happen, I really need that to happen, at least one of those things. Hmm... the one with Jess skateboarding would be great, I need to see him active as Jess again and I NEED to laugh with you till we cry, it's been a while.
I love you! Your the best! Thanks again for the package. I love the wallet! I have some surprises for you. I have to go so I can read that post a couple more LOTS of times.