Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas in Lindon

Deciding to hang back and chill at home this year for Christmas changed last minute to a fun trip to Nana and Pa's house for a sleepover with cousins. Shelly/Nate and family were in town from Arkansas so we were able to get in some good time with them.

Christmas Eve traditions include opening pajamas and writing our
gifts for Christ for the upcoming year in the white stocking
(which we forgot to do)
The kids also look forward to acting out
the Nativity with very special glass puppets.
Running up the stairs in the morning to see what Santa left.

Addy's girly, crafty, domestic loot.

Landon's boyish, masculine, troublemaker,
i'm going to tune you out and listen
to Matisyahu on my headphones full blast
until the only way you can get my attention
is to do a sign language jig in front of
my face loot.

Oliver's i don't want to be a doctor anymore,
i want to be a policeman when i grow up loot.

Tade's obsession with vacuum's and apples loot.

Cousin Olivia was made an honorary elf by Santa himself by way

of a special personalized letter. We're so glad he didn't take her to the

North Pole to be an elf...we would have missed her...instead she had

very important assignments, one being, the passer outer of presents.



I always kick myself for not being a better picture taker.

Pa carved us some rad canes

which will have to be shared in a future post, and the

kids got some great books and a Wii, which is definitely

a step up in fitness levels as far as video games go.

The best part of Christmas though,

was spending it with family...

and Nana's caramel & chocolate dipped pretzels.


Angela said...

That is so funny that Tade has the same obsessions as Olivia...Apples and Vacuums. It must be the age...