Tuesday, January 13, 2009

sadie jane candy cane,

What a dear you are.
You used to drive a bumper-less car.
Now you take care of sick people.
An official member of the nursing society,
I’m in awe of your medical memory and propriety.
Sometimes I pinch your cute little bum,
Too bad you don’t still wear wranglers, CRUMB!
What a cute newlywed wife you are
In fact I heard jeff say that he
Thinks you’re the hottest in the universe, CHAR!
I like to mimic your hand over bangs sweep,
I only wish I was as cool and hip as you.
Maybe someday I’ll know name brand jeans like…
Citizen, miss me, rock revival, silver, !it, big star and jordache?
You’re so impressed that I just listed those, thank you buckle.com.
That last sentence didn’t rhyme,
But that’s okay cause you’re a sweetie all the time.
What a good student you’ve been,
I’ve never seen someone work so hard, RIMMY LIN KIN!
Now you’re going to work in labor and delivery,
While jeffy finishes school,
Make him good meals to eat and all will be cool.
I’m lucky to have you as a sister,
You spread happy sunshine beams wherever you go,
I love your innocence, concern and charm, YO!
No one has as many facebook friends as you,
And I believe deep down
that you know each one, its TRUE!
You make everyone feel special and loved,

I wish you a happy birthday my dear
“sexy sadie”!
i would want you as my nurse anyday!!
love you little sis!


Liza said...

Is our little sexy sadie really married?... I love you Sad. Hope you had a fabulous birthday!

Karly said...

Labor and Delivery Nurses are THE BEST!!!!! (Where will she be working?)