Friday, January 23, 2009

$5 FLeA MaRkeT!!!

With our pending move to a more humble home in the country, I am cleaning out my house and hoping to leave with a lighter load.
lucky you.....
I am listing things that I payed well over
5 dollars for, but that's all I'm asking.
Each item is sold AS IS-
scratches, dents, and dust included.
I will meet you if you are in close proximity
(sorry, California is not close)
and if you include a treat:)
or you may come and pick it up.
just leave me a comment
and tell me what you want.
if you don't bring your money and
pick up your treasures within 5 days
I will add it to my next flea market.
You must stake your claim quickly if you see something you like and I will add "SOLD" next to the item so others know it's not available.
First come,
first serve.
french wire basket with lemons and limes
SOLD ($5)
collection of valentines loot
SOLD ($5)
books- Junk Style & American Junk
SOLD ($5)

iron bird candle holder
SOLD ($5)

metal bon appetit sign
SOLD ($5)

set of matching yellow vases
SOLD ($5)

little girl statue
SOLD ($5)

iron pot holder w/ 3 green pots
SOLD ($5)

treasure chest
SOLD ($5)

old painting
SOLD ($5)

iron birds plaque and hanger
SOLD ($5)

red mosaic vase and curly willow
SOLD ($5)

nautical picture
SOLD ($5)

rusty green star
SOLD ($5)

pine cupboard
SOLD ($5)

books- Shabby Chic & French By Design
SOLD ($5)
(not $5)
again, everything is sold AS IS-
scratches, dents, dust included
these are PICK UP ONLY
t.v. console or hutch
SOLD ($15)

love seat
(paid $600, boo hoo)

black buffet
SOLD ($30)

mammoth 36" Proscan tube t.v.


wilkinson_fam said...

Okay, sit down girl. I've got ya covered.

We want:
T.V. (if it works)
iron pot holder
treasure chest
iron birds
red mosiac vase
candle holder

Let me know when I can come and pick them up and I will do so.

Love your guts!

Heather said...

That treasure chest is so sweet. I would love for it to be mine for $5.00

Heather said...

I would have typed faster if I had known I could be beat by 1 minute!!! Man alive, that is my luck.

Jennifer said...

Hey you! You've got some good stuff. Too bad I didn't swing by earlier! Thank you for the sweet goods. I already feel so lucky!

Cassie said...

Can I get the Valentines Loot? I need some Decor!

Angela said...

I would like the pine cupboard. Thanks.

Karly said...

French Wire basket and Bon Appetit sign... and if the valentines loot falls through I want that too (snot face got here sooner)

Cyndie said...

If the pine cupboard and Bon appetit fall through I claim them.

SmithDish said...

ahhh...shitcicle! maybe next time.

Brianna! said...

Wow, it is a fight to death over here Sara! Note to self, do NOT get in the way of a few women and ther home decor...

Cyndie said...

Hey Sara, Bryan and I will take the painting (Mountain scene) and the girl statue

SMDStudio said...

Oh, my gosh! It must be killing you to get rid of some of that stuff. Wow. I will take all the books, and I will pay for shipping, as I think it is more cost effective than meeting somehwere. ;> Do you want me to mail you a check, and then you can ship?


Rachel said...

Whatever I'm your sister I want it all!

Cassie said...

One of your friends just called me a snot face!

Emily said...

I want the white dresser thing. I also will pay for the t.v. yo. and I want the black dresser.

bill, katie, and co. said...

I totally can't believe I missed all of that. In a blink of an was gone! I swear, I just checked your blog yesterday! Sheeeesh!