Thursday, January 29, 2009

what creeps me out

while channel surfing last night on my last ounce of sanity
i came across the show "scariest places on earth" on the
travel channel. Zelda Rubinstein is the narrator of the show...
and you know what totally creeps me out?

when she talks.

she could say something as innocent and cheerful as
"mary had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow."
and i would still get chills and look over my shoulder for a ghost.
i know you feel me...
right now you can hear her voice in your head saying
"now let's go get your daughter".
i'm sure she's a lovely woman in real life,
but those scary movies she was in from the 80's
which shall not be named have scarred me for life.

you know what else creeps me out?

sitting on the toilet and then realizing afterwards
that my kids peed on the seat.


house appraisals.


Karyann said...

i am with on all 3 of those. That lady is the scariest though!

Jennifer said...


onesilentwinter said...


i was flipping the channel and came acroos a show called "who wants to marry a millionaire" all i could think about is cutting her bangs and teaching her that saying "if you have them flaunt them"

well you get the point!!

lisa said...

What is even more creepy is that Heather can sound totally like her if she wants to. I was so glad you made it to dinner at the beginning of the month. It was so good to see you, you look awesome. How is the house selling? Keep in touch.

Brianna! said...

Oh my gosh! I have seen that show! Your right... her voice is a little creepy.

Emily said...

COMEDY man, sariah is comedy... dude, i love the chronicles of schofield. you're pretty much the shiz sariah. ok, now that i'm done with my mormon cussing i will share with you how i plan on giving you two high fives (that's a high ten if you do the math) the next time i see you. that post is solid gold.

remember when that lady would say..."CAROL-ANNE, CAROL-ANNE, come towards the light..."
MAN, that creeps me out just thinking about it. ohhhhh the clown, remember the clown. i have held a secret hatred for all things clown-ish for my entire life because of that movie.

that settles it, we are renting, and watching that movie which cannot be uttered the next time we're all in town.

-the Smith's

p.s. aren't you guys buying a new house pretty soon??? i wonder how many ancient indian burial grounds there are in idaho? at least a million or so. oh, you guys are so done for.