Wednesday, January 14, 2009

end scene

a year ago today i posted my very first family birthday tribute.
today is my sister cheri's birthday,
the sister that started it all.
happy birthday cheri:)
this concludes the "shout outs" folks.

most of my birthday spotlights were late.
some were written flashier than others.
what does one expect
when i am digging deep within myself to
write lovely, fresh and unique things about
the people i love most...
all 34 of them. (i think)
it was fun to ponder over
the qualities i love about each
sibling, parent, or in-law...
and as i look over how richly blessed i am to have such a big family,
i know that we are in eachothers lives
for a reason.
good tidings of merry candle blowing and wish making
to all of you in the year to come.
you can expect a "happy birthday, i love you"
posted on your facebook wall this year...
but i love you all the same:)


Rachel said...

They were the best! Each one was so entertaining to read. Your so thoughtful. I'll miss em.

lawdy said...

my feelings of late, while checking your often unupdated blog, remind me of when I call Leslie and can't reach her. I have often left a message that goes a little something like this, "where are you when I want to talk to you? you're supposed to be waiting by the phone for me." And so, where are your frequent blogs and pretty pictures that make me laugh when I need them?