Monday, January 5, 2009

Delish by Dev (a late birthday tribute)

For a limited time only


is available for only $999.99!!
She will make you look delish
by training you to be the best you can be!
She will make you sweat off those extra lazy pounds
with super motivating encouragement.
She will push you to do...
5 more curls,
4 more knee bends,
or run for just 3 more minutes.
Devons sass and style is just the medicine you need
for that new years resolution funky fever!
What's that you say?
You don't know if you can put down that cheeseburger
and trade it in for a soy dog or hummus on pita?
Of course you can!
Devon says health is a mere turbo jam away...
can you feel the quiver in your chubby thighs,
can you hardly reach up into the cupboard for those chips
because your biceptuals are shaking from confusion?
Devon says pain is gain!
Not gaining pounds,
but gaining fabulous delishness!
She could show up in beautiful baubles and hot heals,
but don't let that throw you off...
it is her vixen venom,
she looks meek,
(and kinda like mandy moore and angelina joli)
but just you wait,
inside is a tiger ready to pounce on your sorry tail,
but with a heart of sweet apple pies!
Her sparkling charm and shiny twinkling eyes will
inspire you and the extra weight will literally
melt away as you follow her training plan.
Call now, this offer won't last long!


She is a real fitness trainer with real skills...
she'll kick your butt into high gear...
she's in Salt Lake if anyone's interested...
those aren't her real prices,
but she's worth MY weight in Havarti cheese.