Tuesday, January 6, 2009


we are moving to this place
this place is beautiful.
the delicate snow covered branches
as if God grabbed the earth
and dipped the trees in crystal frosting.
juxtaposition of
sparkling diamonds in the sunlight
bitter bites on my cheeks
and the slap of wind in my eyes.
that's what we'll be getting in the cold months.

in the summertime,
we can drive past fields of
honey soldiers in rows and rows and rows
slowly swaying with the bright breeze.
chippy paint barns lean
almost a sneeze could collapse them.
and nearby,
cows give you that judgemental look
and dogs chase you till you wrap around
the world and back again.


wilkinson_fam said...

How wonderful to live close to your family in beautiful Idaho and to (hopefully) be closer to your love. Hope for a Happy 2009 indeed!

Cassie said...

You're moving out?!?! I get to see you and your darling kids more often!! Oooh can I have Addy come have a slumber party at my dorm some weekend? I promise I'll take care of her and feed her and take her on fun walks!! :D

Karly said...

You're moving! Bittersweet! BUT we MUST get together before you're out of here. We just reconnected. PLEASE... Whenever you want we're all in!

Danielle said...

Any specifics yet? City, house, dates...

~Amanda~ said...

I was just about to write what Danielle said, so ditto.

onesilentwinter said...

It absolutely gorgeous!! How are you dear friend!!!

Diaries of a Wonder Woman said...

Are you truly moving??? I do have do agree with the beautiful picture, however I still feel we have not had the opportunity to play with you guys here enough! Isn't that how it always goes? When is the moving date? What is going on with Chris and his job? Are you relocating for work?

Heather said...

Idaho is absolutely beautiful. This neighborhood will miss you, I am glad we can keep up through your wonderful blog.