Friday, August 22, 2008

For Berta

no rabid teenagers here.
i mean really,
in our city?
i appreciate your inquiry and concern,
so here are some more detailed pictures for your files.
this is some carnage from a dog bed,
one of my dying plants,
and some hose remains,
that this mystery creature scattered in our yard,
all covered with dog hair.

below is a collection of decapitated hose
that upon close examination has animal teeth markings.
i rounded it all up for shear visual drama-

this is the gutter twisted sideways

from trying to pry off the black spouty run off part.

i failed to mention that my neighbors dog is in heat-

that explains a little of his "frustration",

but why in my yard?

does he know that i also...

too much information.

something just dawned on me,

oh my heck,

it's edward,

he's on the prowl.

poor little vampire man.

well this is one mormon housewife that is not taking the bait.

move on pastey.


Jennifer said...

Pha ha ha ha ha ha !!! Sara! You're so awesome. I feel really bad that my dog is in heat. I totally owe you a new hose. But I don't know, maybe it is because you're in heat! Are you kidding me? He he! Berta, it's true! It's got to be a dog. P.s. I hope it's ok, I'm gonna post those crazy pics on my blog. Many of my readers want to be updated. Thanks dude.

Andrea said...

LOL! Oh my gosh, you are hilarious!! I'm glad you could find the humor in the situation, because that looks like it would be rather annoying.

jen said...

addy and landon look darling on their first day! i hope you are doing good, sarah... miss you.

Jennifer said...

Pha ha! I had to use that music. It was perfect... Don't you think? Ha ha (sigh) I'm so glad we're neighbors. You're the best!

Bonbon Oiseau said...

OH no?! hahaha! oh wait--oh no!!!
a dog? let us know when you get to the bottom of it!

(and thanks for your sweet comments on my are too nice...)

Danielle said...

Oh my goodness, that is making me laugh! "Move on pastey", that is too much! Jaimie if you read this sorry in advance--I am a Jacob lover. (If I was forced to choose.)

miniSCHOF said...

Be lucky that it's not my dog loose on your backyard, my dog goes for the expensive, un-replaceable stuff; like a custom hand painted hand fan from china (She's lucky she's so darn cute.)

Oh and P to the S. Didn't really need to read that my favorite sister in law is in heat... yeah... TMI!

onesilentwinter said...

Sara you had me laughing so hard.....!

SmithDish said...

What the heck!!! is really going on with yours and jens hoses you hosers! For reals do I need to hide my hose? A dog really?... This is crazy buisness.