Thursday, August 21, 2008

Crabbing 2008

You must be at least five years old to come, and babies that are still nursing are allowed, so everyone but Oliver went this year. Thank you Phil and Jen for watching him! We start with Thai food in Portland- always ordering too much, always feeling too full... my favorites- spring rolls, satays, and curry. Then we drive to the coast. Regular eateries consist of hot chocolate, strawberry waffles, clam chowder, and fatty ice cream cones and cheese from Tillamook. This year we spent a fun chilly day at the beach- the crazy people went in the freezing water, and the sane people flew kites or napped on sandy sheets.
Crabbing Day-

Get up bright and early...put on your tshirts and boat bandannas...stock up with goodies...razz the other boats...spit on your tuna head bait for good luck...throw your traps in...pull them up...scream with joy, or cry with sorrow...repeat and repeat again...crab dances...pranks...time to come back in...buckets full of crab...clean out your boat...boil the crab...clean the crab...prizes for biggest crab, most crab, and best story...Chris and Caleb win for best story- they put a dead mink in one of dad's traps...Jason and Eliza win for biggest crab...Jessie, Jason, and Devin win for most crab...great to have Susan and Matthew join us this year...Sammy gets the award for best show getting out of the harbor...Tade and Sara relax by knitting in the car and browsing local antique shops while the others crab...everyone cleans up and removes wet smelly the crab that evening at the local restaurant while happy, tired, and sunburned.
Another great year of crabbing
on the Oregon Coast!
We missed all of those who couldn't make it this year!


Andrea said...

That sounds like a fun tradition! I've never heard of that kind of trip--sounds awesome! I am totally envious of all your traveling adventures this summer. All your photos of Europe were just so beautiful, and it just sounded amazing.

lawdy said...

Wow! What fun! Have I told you how great your hair looks?

onesilentwinter said...

Great photographs sara! wow crabbing! want to know more?

Jennifer said...

We loved having Oliver! Anytime Sara. Although I wish I was with you when you went to the antique shops. :D

Bonbon Oiseau said...

this looks and sounds fantastic!!!