Monday, August 11, 2008


Arrive in Amsterdam and check into Schiphol A4 Hotel, walk around downtown Amsterdam, Anne Frank House, Indonesian food, swimming, desserts in the hotel, Burger King for the boys
Drive to Best, visit with Tons family, VanderSloot tour, sandwiches, fruit and drinks, Wooden Shoe Workshop, Willy's Store, Petronella's site, quick Dinner of Camembert and Peanut Butter Skewers at hotel, fly to London, check into Runnymede Hotel
Backpacks filled with goodies . Brick and Thatch houses- my dream!! Graciousness of Dutch people . Clean and immaculate yards and houses . Family style Indonesian food and building fire . Touring Authentic Wooden Shoe Workshop. Hearing dad speak Dutch and tell us stories . Ton's tour and cute wife with her basket of food and umbrellas. Swimming, being pulled into the pool, boys racing . Communicating through walkie talkies . Watching the hundreds of bikers downtown . Waiting in the rain with warm drinks . Walking through the Anne Frank house . Hot chocolate with Grandpa and Caleb on cafe sidewalk . Canals and windmills . Following dad driving, last second turns, running red lights, tickets . Passing around desserts . Stone roads and old buildings . Dutch Childrens Shops . Graffiti . Beautiful tall people . Creme Brulee .


onesilentwinter said...

how amazing this must have been! oh what a wonderful trip sara!

Jennifer said...

Thank you so much for sharing. Loved it!! So where's my souvinear? Ha ha, just kidding. :)

SmithDish said...

-BABY ON BAG- one of my most favorite pics yet.:)