Monday, August 11, 2008


Board the "rock star bus" with Mick as the driver and Garrith as the guide and drive out to Stonehenge and Bath, See Bath Abbey, Roman Bath's, Fudge Shop, Marks and Spencer, Poets pub for fish and chips, Took the underground metro and cute cabs to see Les Miserables in London, Chris and Tade see Kung Fu Panda, Planet Hollywood for cobb salad and hamburgers.
Tour London, watch the changing of the guard, Westminster Abbey, lunch of sandwiches and gespacho, Fly to Scotland and check into Marriot Dalmahoy
Grandpa lighting a candle in Bath Abbey- me lighting one in Westminster Abbey . Loyalty and tradition of English people . Flowers and topiaries on porches . Les Mis in London- Jean Valjean and Eponines voice . Breakfast of croissants, cheese and potatoes . Metro and cab rides . Search for caramel McVities . the ridiculous rock star bus . turning off the mic . Rachel's picture posing tips . the awe of Stonehenge . teddy bear gift . missing our kids . jet lag . aged stones and fabulous storefronts . eleborate tombs and monuments . reading the graves in the chapels . seeing Sylvester Stalone . Passing around Tade . Balsamic vinegar chips and diet coke .


Danielle said...

I'm ready for another trip to Europe!

Amanda said...

Sara, I have to stop and go to bed - but I'll be dreaming about Europe!
Thanks so much for these wonderful posts and glorious pictures! I'm so happy that I can click on them and see them all huge - thanks so much!
I'll be back tomorrow!