Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nest Bouquet

Truly Rad Bridesmaid Bouquet

(via stylemepretty)


kate said...

That is rad! I missed you this year.
Where were you? I should have sold your bibs they are adorable!
Yes you missed out on the gumballs, they sold out fast. I was glad, I didn't want to be stuck with $1000 dollars worth of gumballs:)

onesilentwinter said...

absolutely! and the black dress behind it it's texture!

charmaine said...

hi sara! thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. i've visited your blog many times, and i must say i really enjoy your post. i left a message back in august under the beautiful arched red doors,this post, i believe was about doorsteps. i love your blog because of all the beautiful images.i'll be back to visit soon.

God Bless,

sami hansen said...

love this! I saw it there too ...such a fun website, huh?

Jennifer said...

Hey Sara, how's it going? What cha been up to? Something creative I'm sure. :) Addy's bangs are adorable. Thank you for watching over our house while we were gone. Intresting, the mysterious rabid dog dissapered when we did.. Hope you're doing well. If you ever need to escape or want to talk to someone (about prison break) give me a call. I think my life is almost back in order. I look forward seeing you smile and wave at me through your kitchen window. (I love that!)