Thursday, August 28, 2008


Today is Nie Nie Day.
If you don't know about this,
kindly be directed here or here.
Reading blogs are like my morning paper.
I can fill up on beautiful pictures,
funny or inspiring stories,
tips on motherhood, crafting, recipes,
and even current events.
Stephanie Nielson's blog has been a favorite
of mine, and it has been quite miraculous the way
people have pulled together and shown their love
for this sweet family.
In the recent past weeks, tragedy or heartache
has also been looming in the lives of
several of our family members and friends.
When it rains, it pours.
Today I will pray for Stephanie and Christian,
and I will pray for our loved ones who need
some extra angels on their journey...
don't we all:)
In honor of Nie Nie Day,
let's be thoughtful of family, friends,
or friends to be, and remember
how precious this life is.
To donate to the Nielson's go HERE
Or you can send cards here...

c/o Stephanie and Christian Nielson
Mari Copa County Hospital
2601 East Roosevelt St.
Phoenix, AZ 85008
photos by Blue Lily Photography


Emily said...

That's totally cool. I agree with the morning paper bit.
Can't wait to see you. Let Addie know I am going to bring my sheers with me so I can cut her hair or whatever. We probably should trim yours up too. Do you want to refresh your color? Just let me know and I will bring the stuff. Love ya.

the miles fam-four of a kind said...

That's totally random that I've stumbled upon her and her families trials on just about every crafty website I know. It really makes you think about life in an eternal perspective. Crazy that it happened in Mesa and I live like 10minutes away now. Anyways, I'm glad you posted about her!

Danielle said...

I hope they are able to recover from this accident.

Jennifer said...

Sara, Thanks for posting. Nie is so beautiful. Her family is so beautiful. I just spent the last hour reading about her life and I have to say I've just about emptied the kleenex box. My eyes are going to be swollen tomorrow at church. I just cant imagine what it would be like to have to go through something like that. I so happy we have the church and the gospel in our lives. We are so blessed.


what a touching thing that this family is sharing with the world. i so want to reach out and hug them. gorgeous pics! darling family. tragic things. i always love love love your blog, its my morning paper! so quit going out of town!