Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Things I'm Loving Right Now...

Here's my recent top ten,
and then some.
I first saw one of these
Dolce and Gabbana ads
in an Elle magazine,
these clothes speak to my soul!

We love Pa's canes!
He lovingly has carved us each one,
and we feel very lucky to have such a
special keepsake.
What an artist he is,
hiding little shells, seals, and other
treasures within the knots of the wood.

I love a great thrift store find,
especially this awesome $6 Farm Painting.
And the cute little boy was free.

Not since Jimmy Neutron,

have I found another kids cartoon that makes

me laugh like this new one

The Mighty B, by SNL's Amy Poehler.

Nicole Miller Brush Set

from Papa Bear,

who makes me blush:)

Tillamook's Smoked Extra Sharp Vintage
White Cheddar Cheese
with Sliced Apples.


These Yay-hoos

Hot Chocolate,

even in the summertime.

The Hills

A little guilty pleasure I must admit...

the closest I will ever get to watching

a soap opera.

Cub Scouts rocks!
I love the values, skills, and lessons
this great community offers.
Yet another outlet to aid mothers in
raising fine upright boys.

Are you kidding me with this movie?

Babette's Feast is now on my list of all

time favorite movies- simple, great messages,

underlying humor- I loved it!

We love our Grandma Bair!

She recently spent the day visiting

with us from San Diego and what

a treat it was.

She has delicious recipe ideas,

a fantastic memory of names and events,

a fine eye for detail and cuteness,

and a heart of gold!

We love you so much Grandma!


miniSCHOF said...

The Hills??? Seriously???

Danielle said...

The canes are beautiful! I saw Babette's Feast for the first time in '95 or '96 on a big screen showing a variety of International movies. Can I come over for some hot chocolate made with that whipped cream gadget someone gave you? I'll even bring some chocolate shavings to sprinkle on top!

Karyann said...

i love so many of the things you so. You are too fun. I am loving cub scouts too. I just got called to be cub master, and i really can't believe what a great program for boys it is.

Mary Taylor said...

Missed you last night! :(