Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tour de France...

That's what Chris and I like to call him.
Our big brother and uncle,
our unique and wonderful JON!
In July he added one more feather to his headpiece,
and so here we highlight what we love about Jon.
Jon is a Jokester.
His humor is witty, clever,
sometimes misunderstood,
but always appreciated:)
Jon is a Lance Armstrong.
With lean muscles,
he bikes like nobodies business,
and leaves everyone in his dust.
Jon is a Sir Edmund Hillary.
Endurance and strength,
craziness and guts,
he takes risks on mountain, road and water.
Jon is a Norman Rockwell.
He could have been a famous artist.
Give him a pencil,
and his genius unfolds.
Jon is an Atticus Finch.
Judicious and moral,
sweeping in to defend the downtrodden,
this attorney has a heart of gold,
and a character that would make any mom proud.
Jon is a McGyver.
Many a rig and creation have been jimmied,
and nothing is lost when he is around to solve
a puzzle with tape, rope, or paperclip.
Jon is a James Dean.
A rebel without a cause,
he doesn't care what others think,
and stays true to what he likes,
whether it's popular or not.
Jon is a Luke Skywalker.
Still learning to master the force,
he is playful yet focused,
on his way to becoming a Jedi Knight.
Jon is a Nephi.
Righteous and courageous,
he holds to the rod,
and sets a great example to us all.
We love you Chief!