Thursday, June 5, 2008

On my mind

Several things are on my mind today.
Some important,
some frivalous.

First and most importantly-

I have caught the HUMANITARIAN "bug".
I've been so concerned about how I can make
a few extra dollars to make up for this sucky
housing market by sewing bibs and selling them
that I have been way too focused on our family
needs. There are many more people with bigger
problems than us out there. I recently watched a video
that I remember seeing a couple years ago when I
helped with BYU Womens Conference where
they talked about humanitarian efforts around the world.
In some parts of the world there are mothers
who bring their babies home wrapped in newspapers
because they are too poor for blankets.
I always know when I start to feel sorry for myself,
or start to feel down or discouraged,
it is because I am not SERVING enough.
Do any of us serve enough?
Sure I may make a meal for someone who just
had a baby, or I may help watch somebodies kids,
and around Christmas time we always do something
special as a family,
but my life is so blessed and I know I am capable of
doing so much more.
So I have committed to giving more
to humanitarian efforts.

If you are interested too,

go HERE and HERE.
(We have shopped around, and these
products come in cheaper
than getting them at a dollar store,
so this seems to be the best place
to get supplies for kits.)

I'm not going to stop making/selling things,
in fact I'll be posting pictures of what I've been
working on in the next couple days,
I hope to equal what I make for myself,
in what I make for others.

On the frivalous side...
A corner of my universe is devoted
to this show
(So You Think You Can Dance)
It brings me joy.
Looooooove it!
Sweet little Hillary Duff is all grown up.
She is sporting a great trend of the high rise pants.
Those low rise numbers just didn't cooperate
with my motherly muffin top.
These are probably most flattering with a nice trim tummy,
but at least they're more hip than "mom jeans"

I love it when creative people think "outside the box"
and re-purpose things.
Even though this is "inside the box"
I just love the way this project turned out.
It was done by Ali Edwards,
and she always has something cool
up her sleeve.


onesilentwinter said...

Sara It has been on my mind a lot lately, am i giving enough back...and how do i give....and what can i do...thank you for posting about this Sara.

Jenny said...

I love you Sara! Your blog posts always give me a little lift. You're the best.

The Chic Chef said...

You're so great! Where did you come from? I love your sweet motivation of service and I love, love the high waisted pants! Have you ever tried them on? They take a little bit to get used to and especially the bum. Some look like BIG, long "W"'s. I love you and think you are a true example of service to your family and your friends.