Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The past week I have been sewing bibs "like a banchee",
but it's all been for a good cause!
I was approached through my Etsy shop
by sweet Brandy, to take part in
The American Cancer Society's

I will have a booth selling vintage and handmade items
at their event in West Jordan on Friday,
and 20% of all money made will go to the ACS.

I just have a few more things to make

and then I'm set for Friday.

If anyone is in the area and would like to

support this event, it sounds like it will

be a really neat day and the spirit will flow right

into the evening with a relay, silent auction, entertainment, and

candle-lit luminaria ceremony representing people who have

experienced the hardship of cancer in their lives,

or the lives lost of loved ones.

I'll be sure to post pictures from the experience,

until then I've got some work to do....



Dad said...

I'm so proud that you are doing above and beyond to help others....your bibs remind me of something. When you and Em were babies, your mother loved to make outfits for the two of you. And what do you think she did with the scraps....bibs. I'm sure there are pictures of them- somewhere in the Belinda vaults.

Rachel said...

Are you serious. That is a lot of bibs. I want to buy some form you when the next baby comes along. Do we get to see you over the 4th?

The Chic Chef said...

Holy bibness! You are so amazing!Right on sista!
Love you!

Sami Volcansek said...

ummm...I want some bibs...I have no children, or thoughts of them, but I want all of them! I am AZ (and moving to NYC!!!) and can't come to your fabulous boutique... so PLEASE make more (because they will sell out in ten minutes because they are so cute!) and I want to buy some!

onesilentwinter said...

They look amazing Sara!

acte gratuit said...

Hi! I'm really excited too! I've already looked at (and admired) everything in your Etsy shop! This is my first swap so I'm really excited!

Serendipity said...

I'm drooling over your bib photo (no pun intended)...Seriously, what fun fabrics...such a lovely picture!

Jairus Noble said...

I'm still waiting for my bibs! Love you!!