Saturday, June 14, 2008

Talented Chic- Jennifer Willson

I am a lucky girl to know so many wonderful,
and inspiring woman folk. But along with these
Sparkling personalities comes some amazing talent.
I guess the "entrepreneur spirit" and desire to
create things has bonded us together.
So for the next couple weeks,
I'd like to share them with you and maybe send some business
their way... go check them out- you won't be sorry.

Jennifer Willson of Hand Picked Daisy
is my friend and neighbor.
She is one of the most positive, cheery, upbeat,
and thoughtful people I have ever met.
There is not one ounce of mean in her cute little body.
Along with all this niceness is talent, talent, talent.
She is an AMAZING quilter and scrapbooker!
Look what she made for Tade...

I wanted to share with you her
WAY CUTE Visiting Teaching Kits.
She sells them on this blog,
or this etsy shop,
or this store- Bags That Fit in Lehi.
All my girls in Utah County,
go pick yourself up some kits to give to your sisters.

This June kit includes the message,
a yummy recipe, an "on the go" drink packet, and it's all
wrapped up in an adorable package for just $4.00 a piece.


Jennifer said...

Thanks Sara. You're so sweet. I'm so glad that we are neighbors and friends. I think the same way about you!