Friday, June 6, 2008

Boys and Trains

Chris just cut the boys hair tonight
which is fantastic because they were both
looking pretty scrubby.
After baths they got in their matching pj's
(that are getting a little small)
and I couldn't resist the photo op.
This week Oliver was trying to convince me to
put a spiderman costume on him
and I was distracted by a project I was working on.
To persuade me,
he said that if I would put the costume on him
he would give me dad's credit card.
He knows me so well.
I was looking for more Yann Tiersen music
which totally rocks by the way,
and came across this cool video.
Have a great weekend everyone!!

Yann Tiersen- Le Train


Jennifer said...

I think that is the coolest song and coolest video I have ever seen. The animation was amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Danielle said...

Jackson totally has those PJs and the cuffs on the wrists and ankles have been way too tight from the start! I have always thought the print was a little bit of a visual overload! I think a Grandma gave them to us.

Emily said...

dude sariah, thats some good pickens. you've got such rad taste. you know what else you have that's rad?? your husband. that Christian schof is gooder than gum, and you can tell him i said that. wish you guys were running this weekend. oh well, i'll just have to eat twice as much in-n-out to make up for the loss of your guys' companionship.
skate or die sara.
-the Smith's