Monday, June 16, 2008

Super Dad!

Yesterday was a great Father's Day!
We first honored the super pops with giant German Pancakes
and some little gifts and cards from the kiddos.
After church we headed to Nana & Pa's
house for some delicious BBQ Ribs, fresh corn on the cob,
greek salad, bread, baked beans, and 7 layer bean dip
none of us could leave alone.
We celebrated Chris' birthday two days early with some
German Chocolate Cake out of the Lion House Cookbook.
Hey Sara, how did it turn out?
Ummmm, a little on the dry side,
I'll stick to my old recipe next time thanks.
Hey Sara, are you guys German?
No, but we like food that is mythically from that region.
Hey Sara, why isn't Oliver in any of those pictures?
We forgot him at home, oops.
It was a yummy and relaxing day spent with family.
We love you Papa Bear!!!


onesilentwinter said...

Okay what is that giant something something?

Karyann said...

Is that german pancakes

Sara said...

Yes, the giant something something is german pancakes:)

Danielle said...

I have a germ. choc. cake recipe that is ALWAYS moist, I'll get it to you sometime. I remember you and I always make that from scratch-this year my husband bought one slice from a dessert parlor, so I didn't make it this year. The pancake is funny-it's HUGE. Does it always turn out with a crazy overflowing shape?

The Chic Chef said...

Holy German Pancake!

sami hansen said...

Really? Little Ollie got left at home? LOL!!! We used to always forget my sister in the car after church. One time, I swear it was HOURS!!! Actually, that sure explains alot about her.....